Best Bedtime Hacks You Can Do to Lose Weight Quickly And Permanently

Attention and care are all that we want. And it is a fact that this materialistic world really judges us for attention by our appearances. But I believe that everyone is best the way he/she is but still if you’re overweight and have a potential to show the world who you are, we have better plans for you to lose weight. Along with all the efforts, you might have been doing with your diet and exercise routine, just add some important things to your bedtime activities and you will see the miracles happen. Take the lead!

Eat three hours before going to bed

Even if you are a crazy late night snacker, try to bind your food intake at least three hours before you sleep. That will not give time to your stomach to digest smoothly but also boost up your metabolism. If you focus, eating and then directly sitting on a couch and going to bed are really not cool things to do if you want to lose weight. You will sit or lie and your body will accumulate the fats and gain weight and there will be no activity to compensate it. So, give your humble body some time to deal with the food and try to eat 3 hours before going to sleep to lose weight quickly.

Sleep in darkness

Shut the door, pull your curtains back together, switch off the light and yes buddy put your smartphone away. Studies have shown that people who sleep in darkness have better health and tend to get flat bellies than the people who have uncomfortable sleep with lights on. Moreover, the lights panning out of mobile screens or other digital screens lead to disastrous lifestyles (I’ve seriously suffered from this). So, keep them away if you want to lose weight.

Take a cup of tea or warm milk

Not the strong black tea but a light green tea with a few drops of lemon if you want to lose weight. That will boost up your metabolism and make your body turn more fats and carbs into energy. And as you’ll be taking it at bedtime, your body will keep working on losing weight even when you will be dreaming about winning a trophy or getting married may be.

Yawning woman wrapped in blanket sitting on kitchen floor pouring milk at night

Similarly, if you go for milk, it also helps your body to lose weight by making it fuller for longer and reducing the calories intake. Moreover, it contains a protein called casein that boosts up the metabolism and helps you to gain lean muscles. No, you don’t need to be 10 years old necessarily to have milk before going to sleep. Mark it.

Make some time for yourself

Try to stay in your comfort zone for a while particularly at bedtime. Close your eyes, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, try to change the focus of your attention and listen to your favorite relaxing music. No, you don’t need to go for yoga at bedtime. Just stay in your thoughts for a while and calm your nerves. That not only prepares your body for more energetic activities but also for losing the weight or you can say giving you a flat belly.

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