Best Possible Ways to Lose Belly Fats and Thigh Fats

Almost all the youngsters especially the girls of about 15 to 25 of age want to have good body shape to look presentable and attractive. But a lot of these young ladies cannot compromise on the junk food they eat. Listen, you get obese when you eat more than enough of your requirement. When you have a food with more calories it will store beneath your skin and will appear as fats. When it starts accumulating it appears first on arms and legs than on your belly, abdomen and thigh. But if you have come so far to read this, there are many implicit and conceivable ways to solve this problem.

Step One: Watch What You’re Eating

First of all, take proper food which contains calories according to your requirement. Yes, you will have to give up the high calorie and fatty food. To reduce the amounts of fats beneath your belly naturally and quickly, you have to eat the meal with more proteins so that you can meet your daily needs easily without feeling laziness like meat, whey, eggs, spinach, salad, kale, butter, brown rice and oats. The other thing is to avoid the sugar drinks but does a little exercise.

Step Two: Calculate the Calories

Now when you have started eating healthy food and have given up the junk, try to reduce the calorie intake and raise the calories which are burning to lose belly fats and thigh fats. Try to limit the calorie intake by 500-1000 and that will healthily lead you to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Remember that, losing even a half pound is a victory if you’re sure about not getting it back.

Step Three: Reduce the Portion and Gaps of Meals

Still, if you are not getting away from food, try to eat small portions of protein containing food every three hours. Keep your plates small and your potions little.

Step Four: Cardiac Exercise

You can burn the belly and thighs fats with the good diet but it will take time, honestly. If you want to boost the process up, go for any of the cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming, boxing and brisk walking etc. Do these exercises frequently in a week to lose belly fats and to get better legs.

Step Five: Leg and Thigh Exercises

After normal cardiovascular exercise, try some exclusive leg and thighs targeted exercises such as pull-ups, squats, leg presses, step-ups and calf raises. Try to work for 10-20 reps and 3-5 sets. Alternate your cardio exercise with thigh exercises in the weekdays to lose belly and thigh fats quickly.

Step Six: Abdominal Exercises

To get a flat belly and overall flat stomach, go for lower abs, upper abs, oblique, sit-ups and crunches.


It is important to keep in mind that spot fats loss is an illusion. All of this food and exercises will help you to lose weight overall targeting potentially the spots you are interested in. and when you will be done with weight loss, your belly will be flatter than ever and your thighs will be more Prominent.

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