How to Lose Weight With Baking Soda?-An Alkaline Guide

How to Lose Weight With Baking Soda?-An Alkaline Guide:

Baking soda has its must presence in the kitchen and can also be used outside such as for normalizing digestion, as a natural deodorant or in the bathwater. But as far as its effects on body weight are concerned, it is specific in its functions. Baking soda has been used for the fitness of sports-persons since ages and that’s an evidence of its affectivity in weight losing process. It is an alkaline body that has its direct effects on our blood circulation too. Let’s have a look at what how-to-lose-weight team say about it.

How does baking soda operate for weight loss?

It is a common saying that alkaline bodies such as baking soda turn the fats into energy and muscular strength while other acidic bodies turn everything other way around. Therefore, when body fats are transformed into energy through baking soda usage, how would it be ineffective for weight loss? Mark baking soda high in your weight losing plan.

How to use baking soda for trimming the fats?

You can add half proportion of baking soda along with complete proportions of apple cider vinegar into one glass of warm water to have an effective drink before breakfast that will help you to burn your fats quickly. Additionally, you can also take half glass of water with 1 teaspoon baking soda and one lemon’s juice and grapefruit before breakfast to aid quick weight loss.

Indirect effects of baking soda

Being an alkaline entity, the baking soda reduces and controls the blood pH and improves the oxygenation of the blood and body cells. It also smoothens the digestion and makes the overall health better. More oxygen to the cells leads to better metabolism that in turn leads to quick weight loss.


No doubt baking soda is super functional in increasing the metabolism rate and burning fats but how-to-lose-weight team recommends you be very careful while using the baking soda. Don’t use more than its safe quantities or more preferably, get the prescription from your physician! This is because the disproportionate quantity of baking soda can lead to serious health hazards.

One other important thing to notice about precautions is that you should never use baking soda for weight losing purposes if you are using medicines for serious diseases. The combination of both can be disastrous and can lead to a headache, vomiting, nausea, stomach-ache, weakness, swollen legs and urine with blood.

Additionally, adopt some exercise and proper diet plans to maximize the effects of baking soda on weight loss. Reduced calorie intake and routine exercise enhances the effects of baking soda as the moon enhances the beauty of the sky.


Add baking soda to your routine diet plan as it is really effective in weight losing strategies and overall in making you healthy. It reduces the stomach acid, prevents kidney stone, makes you feel fresh and treats infections in the best possible way. You can comfortably use baking soda water before breakfast for better outcomes.

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