How to Lose Weight Quickly With Regular Green Tea Consumption

Green tea is the second widely used drinks for the purpose of weight loss after water. Water is famous for metabolism boosting and same is the function of green tea but it deals the issue more sophisticatedly due to its unique and highly active ingredients. It contains antioxidants, the comparable amount of caffeine and reactive substances called polyphenols. Green tea is not like a proper diet plan. It is what helps you to regulate your eating habits, calorie intake and exercises. There are plenty of weight losing benefits of green tea some of which we are discussing here.

Green tea and catechins

The most important ingredient of green tea is catechins which are highly concentrated polyphenols. These catechins not only reduce the fats accumulation in the body but also motivate the system to burn the already accumulated ones by increasing the body temperature. Catechins are highly reactive and make green tea the most suitable drink for quick weight loss.

Green tea and caffeine

Green tea also includes a healthy amount of caffeine such as 20-40mg as compared to the coffee that contains 100-200mg of caffeine. This amount of caffeine is beneficial for natural and healthy weight loss. as caffeine is famous for its fats burning activities, it is claimed that a person suing green tea loses 9 extra calories than the person who doesn’t takes green tea. Furthermore, the super active antioxidants of the green tea also help the body to burn more fats and provide more energy to the body. This energy not only keeps the body active during the day but also helps people to stay in the gym for the longer time-frame.

How to take green tea?

For the maximum benefits and quick weight loss, 2-3 cups of green tea a day is recommended by specialists. If you’re already working on your weight by regulating your diet and going for some exercise on regular basis, green tea is the best option for you to add gold to your silver efforts. Studies have revealed that a person in the gym taking 2-3 cups of green tea lose 2 pounds more than the person who doesn’t take green tea. To reach the maximum benefits of green tea, a little more effort is always needed. you cannot just take a cup and drop to the slim waist and perfect shape. It takes time and you might have heard the easily gained thing gets loses easily too. So sip the holly green tea, wait and watch.

Further benefits

It is reported that green tea is not only labelled with a weight-losing-drink tag but it also improves our immune system and rescues our body from acute attacks of chronic heart diseases and growth of cancer cells. Moreover, it reduces the inflammation and controls the blood sugar level that makes it best for the diabetic patients who are always worried about their weight. There is one other important thing to notice that some studies have used green tea extract instead of actual drink but their effects are not much different besides the presence of mighty water in the green tea beverage.

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