Mama June Stunned Everyone With Her Weight Loss

Stun everyone as Mama June Stunned Sugar Bear with Your Weight Loss:

Getting into shape is a collective and universal desire we all have. But going down from 460 pounds to size4 figure is a serious game. Mama June from the TLC series ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ has revealed her stunning physic after losing 170 pounds (can you imagine?) and a gastric sleeves surgery. We have reviewed her fantabulous journey and here is a brief description that might help you to stun everyone as Mama June Stunned Sugar Bear.

Staying busy

She chose to stay busy in her daytime and not to sit on the couch and eating random snacks and spaghettis. Occupied with daily activities and doing all of her work herself helped her set a healthy routine and she went for a healthy diet plan. No to forget, Mama June has been reported as stubborn and an all-time-eating kind of woman by her daughter so engaging into physical activity and putting full stop could be hard for her. But if she can do it why not you?


She started walking 3-5 miles a day and even more as she started walking everywhere. According to her, walking has played a major role in her weight losing journey and it has not made her physically active but also helped her to lose a couple of pounds. We recommend you to start at least 2-3 miles a day if you want to stun everyone as Mama June stunned Sugar Bear. Get on it now.

Personal Trainer

After setting a healthy diet routine and walking habits, she decided to go for a professional trainer. And according to Mama June, her trainer Fett has not only motivated her in her journey but also helped her to actually lose 90 pounds. Yes, 90 pounds. Therefore, stop overeating first, go for a walk and when you’re done with it join a professional trainer. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

Stopped overeating, started juicing

Like many of us, Mama June has been a Junk food lover but to get up into shape even for revenge initially made her quit her favourite ketchup, butter and spaghetti. She replaced the overflow of energy drinks with natural juices and a lot of water that helped her on a journey of losing 80 pounds more. That’s inspiring!

Given up late night snacks and motivation

Mama June, according to her daughter Pumpkin, has been a late night food craver but the aim of turning her fluffy body into finely shaped and lifted one made her stop eating snacks in late hours. Her daughters even showed her previous pictures of her that restrained her from getting back into the same position. She also joined a support group to build up the confidence to face the glamorous world she works in.

So, if you really want to stun everyone as Mama June stunned Sugar Bear with your weight loss, you can follow the inspirational journey of this beautiful young woman and can have some better looks.

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