Try this Effective 7 Minutes Workout for Quick Weight Loss

Try this Effective 7 Minutes Workout for Quick Weight Loss:

Maintained healthy diet and some exercise is the only best solution for the natural, quick and long-lasting weight loss. Most of the people manage with healthy diet but extracting time for exercise or workout gives them a tough task. To help all of the busy flock we have jotted down the easy and home-based workouts which you can follow for 30 seconds each with 10 seconds break. Collectively, they make 7 minutes and that’s much time we usually spend on thinking what to wear. So why not to use these what-to-wears 7 minutes for a greater good?

12 exercises interval program

These exercises can be done anytime and anywhere and you will only need a chair and may be a wall. All these 12 exercises are referred to as best for metabolism and fatigue resistance. This 7 minute work for quick weight loss pinches almost all of the body muscles and provide you a complete package of body activation. These exercises are:

1.    Jumping Jacks

In jumping jacks you will be pushing your entire body at the jogging pace. Just try to keep all of your body parts involved in the activity. Keep doing and there it is the time of 10 seconds break!

2.    Wall Sit

Keep your body warm in wall sit, keep your butt out and stay where you are for all the set 30 seconds. Move your toes if you want to.

3.    Push-Up

Decide whether you want to go for the easy one with knees or tough one with toes. This entirely depends upon your energy and health level. Whatever you choose, stick to it for 30 seconds, keep your stomach and back straight, your shoulders high and your elbows out. Keep breathing and yeah, 30 seconds over! Break.

4.    Abdominal Crunch

In crunches, try to keep all of your body activated, pull up your neck with slight shoulder movement and drop it down and yeah, keep your elbows out for all of the 30 seconds.

5.    Step-up

Just step up to the chair you have and similarly step down. This activity is really significant in engaging all of the body muscles.

6.    Squat

Sit down on your heals as low as you can bear or control. Try to push every body part involved and go for your break time. You might have burn your 35-40 calories.

7.    Triceps Dip on chair

Make use of the chair you have and keep yourself together.

8.    Planks

Your toes are going to thank you for it! Stay there for 30 minutes.

9.    High Knees

High knees are the most energetic part of this workout that involves all of your muscles.


Breathe slowly and keep your make your knees act as never before for 30 minutes.

11.Push Up and rotation

This is tough but very effective even if you do it for 30 seconds.

12.Side Plank

Following this 7 minute workout will not only be boosting up your metabolism but also the lipolysis Enjoy!

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