7 Exercises to Get In Shape Quickly

Bodyweight exercise devours your that body weight as resistance you want to lose as you might have witnessed in push-ups and pull-ups. These are the fitness training that doesn’t require any equipment and you can get into shape without spending your heavy hours at the gym or by skipping meals in routine. High-intensity circuit training workout holds the specification of being highly quick, so quick that it takes your only 30 minutes a day and you are done for 24 hours. There are scientific shreds of evidence of losing weight and getting fit without using training equipment but only if you know how to do it right. There are highly recommended, concerned and safe suggested exercises that can help you get in shape quickly. Give it a go!


You can start push-ups with knees and then with toes for better practice. Just keep your hands under your shoulders with your feet knees-width apart, your back and thighs in the straight line and stay in a plank position. Keep your neck static and as you lower your body, keep your elbows out and leveled.


As in the push-ups place your hands right under your shoulder but you can widen them slightly apart. Keep your body straight from your head to your toes though your back and thighs. Now, squeeze your butts, tighten up your core and dart the chin. Leave it there if you suffer and feel pain and if you are doing it right still, hold the position for a little while.

Glute Bridge

For Glute Bridge to get into shape quickly, lay on the floor with your feet flat toes pointing forward and knees bent. Now, contract your abs and lift your hips off the floor with the help of your heels pushing outward. Make it sure that you don’t stop contracting your abs while pushing your hips off the ground and do it right.

Spider lunge

Begin as with push-ups and keep your body straight. Now bring your right foot out of your right side and stretch it towards your right hand. Take your foot back at the starting position and repeat the process by staying in a contact plank state.


Keep your feet shoulder or hip width away and your toes outward while fixing your feet firmly on the floor. Keep your chest and eye level straight and squat down as low as possible. Don’t bend your back and don’t try to lift your heels or toes of the ground and keep squatting.

Side lunge

Stand straight, keep your fists together and back straight. Now shift your weight through mid-foot and heel and lunge as low as your body allows. Make it sure that your knees don’t move past your toes.

Squat Jump

Begin as with the simple squats by keeping your feet hip-width apart, your back straight and your arms out. Squat down until your hips are parallel to the floor and now, jump as high as you can. Don’t forget to exhale during the jump and come back softly. Repeat it.

These 7 exercises are the core of all other potential workouts offered for the queries of how to lose weight. First go with them individually and get in shape quickly.

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