Easy Exercises to Lose Stubborn Back Fats

Lose Back Fat: According to recent statistics, a huge population of the world is fighting a grand battle against their own body fats. Some are troubled with their chubby cheeks, some fit stout butt, some with arms, legs and some with stubborn back fat that makes them uncomfortable in almost all dresses they want to rock.

The uniquely bad thing about back fat is that it affects your personal physical comfort more than any other chubby area of your body. You can’t wear strapless shirts, you can’t slay in your swimsuit anymore even your bra straps haunts you for the whole time troubling you 24/7.

To deal this kind of fats, you need to work either with equipped methods or with simple diet changes and non-equipped simple and easy exercises to lose stubborn back fats.

Here are certain non-equipped exercises you can try to lose back fat at home easily. Just stick to the plan persistently and don’t dump! Or it will dump your posture for rest of the time until you turn back to your real destiny, the fitness plan.


Imagine your body in T, Y and I position.

T Exercise

Lie down on the floor (face down) and stretch your arms straight on both sides making a letter T with your body. Now, still facing down, try to raise your arms until you squeeze your shoulder blades together properly. Stay there and hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat a set of twenty.

Y Exercise

You are on the floor lying in T position. Now, change it a bit and extend your arms above your head making your body looks like a Y. Elevate your arms straight up again squeezing your shoulder blades together. Repeat the process slowly in two sets of twenty.

I Exercise

Stay on the floor; just raise your arms above your head meeting both hands together. Now raise your hands slowly pushing your shoulders down leading to your lower back. Repeat the set of twenty reps.

Plank Drops

If you’re worried about your posture and back flabs, consistent struggle with plank drops might help as an effective exercise to lose stubborn back fats.

What to do?

In the plank position, start with your stomach while resting on your forearm keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Proceed with dropping your chest slowly to the floor keeping your hips still. Now target your back muscles by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Stay there for 10 seconds minimum and repeat two sets of twenty reps.

The Superman Exercise

The superman exercise is another non-equipped and easy exercise to lose back fats. All you need to do is to spend some energy on lying on the floor face down keeping your arms extended over your head. Workout with your spine and lift your chest as well as knees off the ground. Don’t hold for more than 5 seconds there before coming back to resting position. Do 2 or 3 sets of ten.

The Bird Dog Exercise

This exercise to lose back fats is an amusing one. It is also without any equipment and easy. Keep your arms and legs ready to rock. Now stretch your left leg and right arm over the floor. Hold your position for 5 seconds and switch the arms and legs. Bird dog exercise is effective to improve physical flexibility, balancing the blood flow.

Final Note

To get a toned body, relying on expensive medications and surgeries is the most stupid thing, I’m afraid to say. Keeping an active habit of exercise and healthy food can deal your body with the whole of your life. This is evidenced by massive research. Therefore, try to prioritize your health.

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