Why Is It Hard to Lose Weight Even After Putting So Much Effort?

You might have been reading a lot about how easy it is to lose weight by just adopting some dietary and workout routines or by purchasing some weight losing pills or equipment.

There is no doubt that these things work for the weight loss. But losing weight quickly and permanently are two different things under the same roof. Still, if you are trying all the things around there lose weight and have been patient for long to see your attractive body in the mirror, your question about why losing weight is hard is legit. There can be a number of different reasons that can make it hard for you to lose weight; some of them are discussed here.

Genetic factors and environments

We carry the genes of our grand forefathers that not only affect our eye color, height, hair color and shape of the nose but also affect the body shape and posture. There are some people who are genetically slim and carry no tendency to gain weight. Similarly, there are people who can’t squeeze their cheeks and bellies in just because of their genes which make it hard for them to lose weight. So, this could happen with you too as it is said that sometimes our genes show up in our jeans.

Furthermore, the environments we grow up in from the womb to the workplace have also greater impacts on our weight losing efforts. The diets you mother have been taking while carrying you in the belly also affects your whole body system including adaptation level and metabolic activities. And if the people around you are always making you exposed to the food you dearly crave, losing weight can be challenging for you. So, you can’t change your genes but try to choose a healthy environment with supportive people so that you lose weight without putting much can emotional effort.

Routine meals

Skipping breakfast can also be damaging for your weight losing efforts as it makes you eat more during the day. No matter how much careful you are about your calorie intake, skipping breakfast is a betrayer. While eating a healthy and full of proteins breakfast can keep you fuller for longer and can provide you with enough energy to spend your many hours at work without wanting to eat or getting tired.

Routine Workout

If you say that you are working out but not losing weight, you need to ask a question to yourself that ‘are you working out right?’ Inconsistency and in-congruence in the work-out don’t lead you anywhere. If you’re spending an hour working out a day and skip three next days in a row, that work-out is not going to help. So, if you are finding it hard to lose weight, never dump your routine.

Your willpower

Your attitude towards these efforts also plays a major role. It happens that you spend months of effort to lose weight but doesn’t see any result and you give up. Here your will power comes. Remember that more time it takes for more time it stays.

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