Alton Ward Lost 140 lbs. and He Credits Chick-Fil-A for This Win

25 years old Texas Resident, Alton Ward, shared his remarkable weight loss success story with the world by recalling his chubby existence since he opened his eyes. While talking about how to lose weight he told that he had always seen himself as a big person in the mirror wishing to look smarter. He was 335 lbs. when he was 17 and to be honest that BMI is even uncomfortable to imagine. He has always been a big fan of Chick-Fil-A and he used to be really a foodie.

Upon asking what did he tried to look better as he always wanted to look slim he told that he tried all the possible diet plans, he skipped carbs, tried juice diets and skipped meals but nothing actually worked for him. But the U-turn was spotted when he came out of his comfort zone after getting admission into the college at Texas A&M University. Now, he had a new life with same goals but higher passion and a track. He took the reins of his life into his own hands and started working on his health by poking his nose into exercise. Yes, he really did. But he was still worried about the food he should opt for his weight losing journey. He couldn’t leave the mighty Chick-Fil-A, therefore he decided to use it for the greater good.

He wanted to manage his portions and to lower the carbs, fats and bad cholesterol that if he continued to eat he might end up falling into blood pressure, diabetes or even heart stroke. He reported that in those days he was better aware of what he wanted to do with his life. He approached the nearby franchise of Chick-Fil-A and tried to find the healthy options and his effort paid back.

He was passionate and on the track. He chose boiled eggs with oatmeal in the breakfast and some grilled chicken with healthy salad in the lunch from his favorite restaurant. Dinner was still a problem but some good salad with ranch dressing did the trick for him. Now, as he revealed in his talk, he was done with food choice. He coupled his diet with some serious cardio moves and strength training and witnessed the miracle of losing 140 pounds in almost 12 months.

Can you imagine yourself looking entirely different in your one year apart birthday pictures? That’s legendary.

Alton Ward while talking about the main role of diet in his weight losing plan revealed that he doesn’t believe the negative misconception about fast food. He reported that he believes every place which offers food has a variety of options carrying some healthy ones too if you just notice. As he was a foodie, he didn’t experience the anxiety of leaving the love of his life, food. Rather he just found a good way to use it for his better health and good looks and lost 140 lbs. He further explained that Chick-Fil-A is not all happened to him, he, himself is responsible for what he is today.

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