Breakfasts That Leads You to Crave For Less Food during Day

Bad start often spoils all the charms of the day that you don’t even have lived. Therefore, we are focusing on making the beginning perfect to hope for an adequate destination. To start a day, breakfast is the first thing that comes to mind before going for any work and that is the key to a healthy life. Healthy, tasty and proper breakfast doesn’t only makes a person energetic about the chores but also makes a person feel better about his own self. If you are a victim of obesity or any other health problem having a good breakfast can potentially limit the upcoming hazards. We are talking here about some breakfasts or breakfasts recipes that can help you crave less during the day and can help you burn more calories than you take.


At the top are the eggs. Eggs are full of proteins and healthy carbs and low calories that make you feel full until your lunch break in the office and help you stay away from untimely snacking. Studies have revealed that proteins as compared to carbohydrates and fats are more beneficial as super food elements that make the stomach crave less.

Peanut Butter

According to recent researches nuts have essential fibers, proteins and healthy fats that let a person crave less between proper meals. And who will mind the taste of one or two spoons of peanut butter in the morning that will even makes the waistline thin? That’s exciting!


Recent research revealed that eating slow release carbohydrates can make a person feel full for longer even if eaten half an hour ago before the exercise. Luckily, oatmeal and cereals are full of fibers and slow-release carbohydrates that not only make the person crave less but also balance the blood sugar and insulin level that have large part in weight losing journey.


Dairy products have been considered ideal for breakfast since ages. You might have heard your granny advising you to drink more milk and take more yogurts, she was always right. Yogurt is full of healthy amount of calories and protein that is beneficial for boosting up the metabolism and providing more energy to the body. It also contains calcium that helps you grow stronger bones.


Raspberries contain necessary amount of fibers say 8 grams. The important thing about fibers is that they provide more fullness to stomach and they get digested slowly. Stomach spends more time on extracting necessary nutrients from it and digesting it than on craving for more food. It is kind of trick to the stomach that works better for your weight losing journey. Research reveals that taking 1000 calories with 8 grams of fibers can help you lose 4-5 pounds a month. That’s not bad.


Just don’t forget to sit on the table for a breakfast and even if you are in a hurry, don’t forget to get it packed. Healthy and home cooked breakfast doesn’t only make you healthy but also saves your money. Give it a thought!

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