This Nurse Lost 70lbs to Show Empathy to Her Patients and to Become an Ambassador of Hope

Weight loss seems difficult but when you take that first step, it’s all smooth. And for that you need motivation. Sometimes, it comes from inside and at the other times people make you realize how important is your life.

Megan McGee, a 26 years old nurse by profession, found this motivation to lose weight from her friends.

While talking about her story, she revealed that she had never been this fat. It started when she got into an unhealthy relationship. She cut off from her social circle, stopped interacting with people, started eating without any order and stayed isolated for a long time until she decided to change it. She started meeting her friends but she realized that she is going to be the FAT-FRIEND in her squad and that was a bad idea to her. Her weight was not getting under control and shopping clothes became a big challenge to her. She didn’t want her life to become like this. And then that happened.

Paulo says that

when you want something from all of your heart, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

A friend of Megan randomly asked her to join a fitness training plan and she realized that things were happening right at the very right timing. And she counted herself in Slimming World.

Profession of Megan


She reported that the real change in her personal strength came when she joined nursing. She had to attend so many patients and to her, it was disappointing for them to listen about health care without seeing practical implementation. She started to work harder to lose weight to present a healthy version of herself. She became active and confident. She told that while dealing with a lot of patients she tells them that she is on a fitness plan and that helps her winning their confidence. They talk about their weight related issues more openly that enables her to empathize them.

Emotional Strength

Losing weight gradually and turning it to 70lbs made Megan a better person in herself. She’s got her self-esteem, she knows the purpose of her life and she strives to become better every day. She said that she decided to become a better person and her own best friend at first place rather than just a harsh critic who never appreciates anything.

Now, the super beautiful Megan enjoys her whole organic meals and workout to burn her calories. She doesn’t believe in skipping meals but she has started to cook them healthily.

She told at the end that she wants to become an ambassador of hope for people who feel as bad as she did. She wants to tell the world that nothing lasts forever and you got to change things for your own self before it is too late.

Ladies and Gentle men! Megan McGee!

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