Runner’s High- Run Fast and Lose Weight

To lose weight, you have straight two options: good diet and good exercise. However, every exercise is good if you do it right at the right time. But nothing in exercise can beat running. Why? Because it targets all body muscles, improves your stamina, uplifts your vigour, makes you energetic and helps you stretch the muscles and lose weight. If you’re wondering how to lose weight, just run fast and lose weight.

Running Burns Fats 24/7

Low-intensity exercises focus more on on-spot fat burn but high-intensity exercises such as running promote more later-fat-burn. Walking also is a great tool to burn fats and stretch muscles with time but experts say that running help you lose 90% more fat than simple walking. It’s because running keeps your respiration, perspiration and particularly the energy level high. That actually persists for a long time in the day and your metabolism gets super excited that in turn helps you burn fats even when you’re resting.

Running is Easy

If you search for the “7-minute workout to lose weight”, you will find ‘run fast and lose weight’ at the top. You can run alone, at any time when you want and all you will need is just a fine thread of motivation and a pair of comfy sports shoes. There is a myth that says running and walking for the same time burns an equal number of calories but the research at Human Performance Institute has shown that the case is a bit different. Running is few steps ahead in burning fats than walking. Grab your workout shirt, choose a fine song, drink some warm water and start running. You will have a flat belly, toned legs and toned arms in a matter of weeks. But only if you stay tuned.

And Runner’s high

How would it feel to be excited and energetic without any dose of marijuana or weed? How is the idea of triggering those excitement-creating hormones of your brain in a natural way? Yes, it is possible and running can seal the deal for you. This is enough to make you a bit more interested in running because if you don’t enjoy it and don’t anticipate anything, you can’t see the results it organically offers. And scientist has proved that running gets you high because they have seen remarkable links between intensive exercises such as running and in endocannabinoids that create excitement. So the mild euphoria at the end of the one run can motivate you to try another and it can also help you to make it a routine. No matter how much weight you carry, whether you have lost some or already have a perfect body, running should always be on the list of the goals for fitness.

Get out of your Xbox addiction, run fast and lose weight. The public service message of how to lose weight is that the electronic devices have shut our brains and stuffing us with fats and if we ignore our health for a little while longer, we are going to the worst generation alive on the planet. So get up now, run fast and lose weight.

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