Why Some Trainers Prefer Strength Training Over Cardio?

During the heavenly journey of weight loss to become an attractively slim Greek Goddess we come across a lot of potential ways (Is it a bit dramatic? Let it be). The two major pathways are diet and exercise, simply. Maintain the diet and couple it with maintained exercise and fitness is all yours. In the context of exercise, when we pursue the paths of how to lose weight majorly, some experts recommend cardio and some strength training. Some get confused with strength-training and cardio.

However, cardio is a rather quick way to get slim and to lose weight but it doesn’t last long if you skip following the stars (routine). While strength training deals your body in a different and in a relatively reversed way. Gym trainers who prefer weight lifting from the strength training or cardio battle hold the idea that weight lifting hits the muscles first than fats. And muscles are what we need to tone at the end of the day for a better body with toned arms, legs and torso. With weight lifting (strength training) you build muscles mass that burns fats for energy. So it helps to boost your metabolism that in turn burns your fats just like in the furnace. In more easy terms, weight lifting puts your muscles under so much pressure that they keep burning fats even when you are sleeping, lying or just sitting say even when you’re just breathing. On the other hand, you can’t hit muscles with cardio, so no energy consumption and no speedy fats burning

Here, I’m really not against cardio because to me, it is quite easy to perform than involving in strength training. But long term effects is what we are looking for and in the “strength training or cardio” battle, the former one seems winning it.


While doing cardio, we are simply putting our efforts to get our belly flat, waist thin, arms better and thighs toned. We are actually getting slim quite quickly. But with strength training the whole process will be rather slow but long lasting. In the beginning, you will be lifting masses and your muscles will be growing making you look even chubbier but hold on, it is going to pay you back in a good way. Because muscles take quite less volume than fats. Say it like one pound muscles takes relatively ½ less space than one pound of fats (filling the air in your belly). In this way, you are turning your body into fats burning machine because you are burning the awkward fats 24/7 and storing more lean mass that gives the strong and toned look to your body.

Well, after giving strength training such a big chance let me share a fact that if you’re dieting, weightlifting might not be a much good option for you. Why? Because you can’t develop muscles while dieting as you are calorie and energy deficit. And there is no point of building lean muscles while depriving of the energy and nutritional resources. However, for how to lose weight, straight training or cardio is not the question until you are getting long-term effects. Now you know what you are going to do!

Stay healthy!

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