Eating Plan for Men to Burn Fats and Lose Weight

While considering food for weight loss either you’re going to eat it or drop it out of your plate, things become tense. And in this world crazy about flat bellies, diet is just a synonym of malnourishment. But that’s insane if you dig the matter a little deeper. Leaving the food can make your belly flat but what with the flat belly you will do when you won’t be able to wake up to go for your daily activities. Intentional starvation leads to only energy deprivation and chronic health conditions that are fatal for your existence.

If you’re worried about how to lose weight, skip the idea of deprivation now and open your eyes to the food and diet management. We are leading you towards 10 to 15 pounds weight loss only by offering you eating opportunities quite often a day and we assure that your belly will be so occupied that you won’t even think of taking an extra bite increasing your fats deposit. Yes, there are no recommendations for leaving your food aside; the right kind of food is the only key along the right exercise towards the rights weight loss technique.

Let’s start eating!

Eat 5 times a day

A research published in American Journal of Epidemiology backed the idea that men who eat less than 4 meals a day have more tendencies to gain weight than the men who take 4-5 meals a day. These 5 meals cover three squares and 2 snacks. Fair enough? But limit your snacks to healthy calorie intake. For healthy snack options, you can check them here.

Try not to count calories

Okay that might sound off-topic but it is not. When you manage your diet by eating healthy and eating on time, you don’t even need to count the calories as you do right anyway. Just take some more proteins and fibers in your meals by eating controlled proportion of eggs, beef, chicken, salmon, turkey, yogurt, cheese and milk etc. Eating protein will offer you a nutritive 8 g of the amino acid that help you boost your metabolism and control your muscles’ growth when you lose weight named Lucien.

Limit the starch and don’t get afraid of fats. A research conducted City of Hope Medical Center, California reports that men having low calorie and happy fat diet lose 63% more weight than the men eating low fat and happy calorie diet.

Avoid Starch

According to a Western research, men have been taking 80% more carbs in their food since 1980s and that’s the reason behind the current alarming prevalence of weight gain in men. So limit you carbs by dividing your whole intake into portions that might help you in gradual decrease in carb deposit. Take fresh, unprocessed and organic form of carby foods such as cereals, brown-rice (no white rice), brown bread, pasta etc.

Fibers are always the boss

A student at USDA dropped his research saying that men who take 24 g of fibers a day get a free pass of 50 calories. He recommends making 5 g fibers goal for your single meal.

Furthermore, a nutritionist and the author of Pocket Personal Trainer named Gay Riley mentions that fibers are the best type of food that can help men drop pounds.


Because they slow down the digestion and help you feel full for longer in turn making you eat less that does not diminish your energy level but makes you fit and energetic during your daily activities. Additionally, fibers bind themselves with other food intake and give you nutritive delight most of the time.

Never Skip Breakfast

If you have been hearing about skipping breakfast to lose pounds, you are into a deadly whirlpool leading you nowhere but hunger. The evidence lies in the research by the University of Massachusetts that men who take breakfast-the healthy one-have 41/2 more tendency to lose weight than those who skip breakfast every day. Researchers say that taking breakfast put your metabolism speed on fire and let you spark the fats deposited within your body to be breathed out.

A further study also reveals an astonishing fact about the timing of the breakfast. It says that taking breakfast within 90 minutes after waking up can also reduce your chances of gaining weight by 50%.

That’s quite impressive.

Shortly, manage your protein and fiber intake within 5 meals a day covering three squares and 2 snacks. Limit your starch and carb intake and control your diet to the point that you no longer need to count your calories. And at the end, start your day with happy meals and don’t go to your work without a feasty delight.

Couple your eating efforts with some potential workout, and see the magical spells of healthy eating working for you weight loss.

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