Can Crash Diet Help You Lose Weight?

There are many views about crash diet being helpful for a sustainable weight loss. Crash diet actually lowers the calorie intake largely and helps you lose weight quickly and that what has made it questionable. Even there is a myth that the quick weight loss doesn’t last long. Recently, the renowned health websites NHS has published that “Rapid weight loss is unlikely to help you maintain a healthy weight in long-term”.

There is evidence that low-calorie diet leading you to lose 2lbs a week can get you to gallstones because the sudden downfall in your calorie intake causes fatigue and malnutrition. Other research platforms indicate that you’ll be gaining your lost weight straight back after shifting to the normal diet.

But before deciding that whether all of these statements are right in the following of how to lose weight or not, we should first take a look at what this crash diet basically is.

What is this crash diet, first of all?


Crash diets are very specific and short term diets sticking to few foods and more weight loss in the petite span. The whole plan revolves around fewer calorie intakes that automatically help you cut your accumulated fats. The speciality of crash diets is the quick weight loss that is real and most of the people follow this heavenly diet plan to lose weight for the short-noticed events such as parties, official dinners, meetings, wedding events, dates or for any other important occasion.

Another important thing you should know about the crash diet is that it is not similar to the low-calorie diet that doctors recommend before or after some surgeries or at any critical medical situation. The diet they recommend is only low in calorie but full of other minerals essential for the existence. While crash diet is different as it solely consists of fluids. You can assume it to be similar to the liquid diet that is also used as a quick trick to losing weight.

Does Crash diet lose weight?

If you lower your calorie intake, you will automatically lose weight according to the Harvard The School of Public Health. And that’s what crash diet does. It strictly limits your calorie intake to even 800 calories a day and helps you lose 5-6 pounds a week and even more according to your efforts. But another school of thought is that all the weight that crash diet help you lose is liquid weight. In simple terms, that school of thought holds the idea that crash diet shrinks away the water in the body and offers you a quick thin waistline.

Furthermore, crash diet asks you to survive on fruit juices, vegetable drinks and soups until the plan is finished. These liquids offer you limited calories but might not provide your body with sufficient fibers, proteins and minerals that you need for the healthy survival. You lose weight there is no doubt in that but your stomach along with every cell of your body might suffer.

Now you might have a question that;

Should You Go for the Crash Diet?

That’s the question only one person can answer and that is you. A crash diet is helpful for the urgent weight loss but once you shift back to your routine diet, your weight is regained. Additionally, there are some psychological; effects cast by the crash diet. Not the healthy crash diet but extreme one makes you less confident and a loser for yourself who couldn’t manage to lose weight. Crash diet motivates a person to entirely stop eating to follow the weight loss dream at any cost and can lead you to even binge eating that can make you a victim for the lifetime.

Then you might think why there is even the concept of weight loss with crash diet? And the answer is crash diet can offer a good beginning to your weight loss plan.

Crash diet can be a good starter package

According to NCBI, dividing your meals into five portions a day can robustly help you shed pounds. But following a crash diet letting you consume strictly as fewer calories as 800 can’t cover 5 meals a day as Sian Porter from British Dietetic Association said, “On a very low-calorie diet, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get five portions of fruits and vegetables a day or even the three portions of calcium”.

And according to medical reports, that’s the reason behind the malnutrition of many extremely obese people.

Am I terrifying you? Well, let’s come to the point. These crash diets are recommended for almost 10-12 weeks and after that, you can switch back to your routine diet where you’ll be allowed to eat as you want. Now, after trying the crash diet to lose weight, you have shed remarkable weight and look slimmer than before but you have 98% chances of getting the lost weight back. But that quick weight loss can offer you a handsome bunch of motivation to manage your further diet and to carry some workout on. For the extremely obese people who are way too smarter than before, it is the best idea to maintain the weight. Because after losing, maintain your weight is the biggest problem and that’s where crash diet can sturdily help you.

Jane Ogden, the obesity researcher and professor at Health Psychology Department of the University of Essex commented that “It can help initially but it still needs to be combined with learning new habits, such as eating because you’re hungry and not for comfort”.

I hope that this to the point statement has solved the mystery for you.

Weight loss is not difficult if you just stay sane and do the right things at the right time. Lower your calorie intake gradually and then set it to the lowest level or start from the lowest level and manage it after losing the bulk of mass depends upon you. In the quest of how to lose weight, eat wisely, eat right and stay healthy.

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