Casie Price Lost 76 Pounds-Weight Loss Success Stories

Casie Price’s trick to lose weight is to set for a light workout and clean what you eat.

A woman in her 40s from Marietta, Penn shared her story of dropping down from size 20 to size 2-4 to the world as an answer to ‘how to lose weight’. She literally dropped 76 pounds and she is now enjoying her life carrying 133 pounds.

She told that she had always been obese as far as she members her reflection in the mirror and she never realized that where her overweight body was leading her. She stated that the trouble began when she gave birth to her first baby boy. After the delivery, she had gained much weight but she managed to drop the post-pregnancy weight with quite an ease but that didn’t stop there. Afterwards, her body kept on receiving mass and offered it a permanent residence. As she explained, she was finding it harder to keep up with her healthy son. Then one day, she had to wear a bridesmaid dress of size 20 for one of her friend’s wedding and that was the moment of acknowledgement. She realized that she need to do something for her body otherwise she will end up suffering from blood pressure and diabetes.

She started walking

When she had decided to take her first step, she went for the light walk of 2 miles a day. She reported while sharing her story for ‘how to lose weight’ that it was really hectic and tough in the beginning and walking even 2 miles had caused severe tiredness and fatigue in her legs. But she didn’t stop there. She made it obvious for herself that she needs to get a healthy life for her family and for her own sake and she really started curing fats and losing pounds. According to her, that was an awesome feeling to see the hard work paying back.

She managed her diet

She was now walking 6 miles a day and was seeing miracles happen. At that moment, she decided to manage her diet. She cut all the fatty foods from her diet and replaced them with meals with more proteins and fibers such as salmon, green salad, mashed potatoes and olive oil. And as she reported, only these two things made her lose other 20 pounds. Amazing!

Training and support group

When she had switched to 6 miles a day and to a healthy diet, she went for a strength training and support group to seek more motivation and inspiration to get fit and slim. She reported that she was finally looking the lady in the mirror she always wanted to see. She even won a course race that checked the endurance and strength of participant at the age of 41 and as she stated she had never felt that good in her whole life.

Casie’s simple tweaks to lose weight

She recommends all of the people who are reading this to bag up the tiny portions of healthy snacks to keep with you all of the days. Add some nuts or sliced fruits to cover your untimely hunger pangs. She further suggests to write down what you are doing and what you further need to do to lose weight.

Inspiration is the true motivation. Don’t stop there, try to inspire others with a similar story.

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