Remarkable weight Loss from 356 Pounds to 167 Pounds- Take Some Inspiration From Karen Kelly

Obese from the childhood, Kelly had always been the victim of negligence and taunting in the environment. According to her, her mother used to take her to physicians even at the age of 11 due to her body weight that was too much for a girl of 11. But she explained honestly that she had never been a gym or a support girl and she still makes excuses to run from these crowdy places. She had suffered from a lot of depression not only because of her out of shape being but also because she had lost her mother.

At that moment of her life, as she claimed, she didn’t know whether she wanted to live or not but an experience of close-to-death incident made her realize of her wish to live. But she was so out of shape and awkward in the mirror that she couldn’t find any motivation to desire for skinny dresses. But somehow, she managed to buy a Labrador, Mia, as she told her story about how to lose weight.

The U-turn

She said that Mia was her motivation and she ran every single day with her partner Mia no matter what the weather was like. She claimed that the start was difficult but her motivation to live a better life kept her on the track. She said that she had run with her dog for four years and that’s the secret behind her weight loss from 365 to 167 pounds in these years. According to her talk, her weight losing journey with the Mia was not only helpful for what she is now but she also found a very good friend in her dog. As a mother of a young boy, she had to manage her life to give him a good motherhood and to experience a healthy environment in the house and that also motivated her to give some attention to her existence.

The proud moment

According to Kelly, she was really happy with her shape when she even started her efforts to lose weight. That was the best shape of her body that she had ever seen in the mirror, she said. And at this point of fitness, she is a training coach of a fitness program and she shares her story of how to lose weight from 356 to 167 pounds by just simple exercise such as walking and running. According to Kelly, healthy eating was very important but the trick was actually done by her regular walk with her dog without skipping even a single day of the four years. That motivating and exciting! Isn’t it?

She claims this excitedly that this is what she wanted to be or she supposed to be. She has even planned for a surgery to get her excessive mass cut from her body to become a model for all the people who ae struggling with the weight loss. She holds the message that when you want to do something, you can do it and if it is about weight loss, you aren’t alone. Cheers!

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