‘I Stopped Running and Lost 50 Pounds in Three Weeks’ Ami Paulsen Says

A 30 years old woman, mother of two, from Denver named Ami Paulsen shared her inspiring story of how to lose weight. She stated that she had been chubby since her childhood. She was always fat than her fellows and of course had issues with it. She told that she used to run 5 miles a day and used to swam 5 to 6 days a week in college. Additionally, she was always skipping meals just to get her size smaller but all of her efforts led her nowhere but to a whirlpool of constant obesity. She went for hard cardio to every possible workout attempt with never leaving running 5 miles a day, but she couldn’t drop herself to size 2 of her mates from size 14. According to her, she always felt insecure about her looks and body in comparison to her roommates.

Then, she left the college, got her man to marry and have two kids. She was still going to the gym, running and eating less just to gain a good-looking body but all of her efforts were going in vain.

U-Turn in Ami’s story

Then at the gym, she discussed her problem with one of her friend’s about how she had been doing the efforts to lose weight but everything she had done was fruitless. According to Ami, her friends told her to follow the instructions. First of all Ami’s friends told Ami to stop running that put Ami into a great fiasco. She had been running 5 miles a day since her school days and she was so afraid of looking bad and chubby that she didn’t want to ignore her lifetime efforts. But upon her friend’s requests, she decided to go for 20 minutes of high-intensity cardio. Ami stated that the one important thing she has learned from her friend’s guidance is that running is not the solution for everyone. It helps weight loss but not everyone’s body is compatible with it.

Upon her friend’s suggestion, Ami started adopting the healthy lifestyle by adding different exercises and healthy diets to her routine. She reported that all of the efforts she was putting in were not only helping her to lose weight but she also got rid of all the tension, anxiety, eczema and insomnia within no time. She stated that she became so habitual of feeling healthy that a slight change in her healthy routine made her uncomfortable. Finally, she reported that she lost 50 pounds in only three weeks by just skipping the running. Her body was not compatible with running for the purpose of weight loss.

Her final words reveal the fact that when she lost her weight, her family praised her so much that motivated her to work for it more. She further stated that if you can’t be size 2, that’s fine because what is important for you is actually what is beautiful. Just try to stay happy with your efforts and never underestimate your energy by running after how to lose weight.


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