How to Lose Weight by Only Eating Fruits

Losing weight is the problem of 2 out of 3 people in the US according to a recent social research. And under this pressure, a lot of tactics have hit the market to assist obese people including diet plans, robust exercises, tricky products and what not. Let’s stick to the food about how to lose weight and make it clear in the beginning that eating one category will lead you nowhere either for your weight loss of for your general health. And for fruits in particular, not all the fruits are healthy for your fitness. Undoubtedly, fruits are good, full of nutrition and tasty but for shrinking the fats, you need fewer calories and not all fruits have limited calories fit for your weight loss journey.

However, there are certain fruits which are pectin and fiber enriched like all other fruits and make deliciously luscious bites but also contain fewer calories in general such as watermelon and berries. The pro-tip is to syndicate these fruits with other nutritive food items and some cardio to lose weight quickly.


Striking for the eyes and lavishing for the health watermelon consists of almost 90% water and markedly high fiber proportion. The eminent combo of hydration and nutrition makes the watermelon best option for the weight loss. 100 grams of this red divine consists of only 30 calories and it is arginine enriched which is all set to put your fats on fire. Next, you can imagine.

The Holy Pear

An immense source of vitamin C and fiber, pear is a staggering fruit for the weight loss. When combined with a vigorous diet, it makes you feel full for longer and craves less that leads to limited fat accumulation. Additionally, it also targets the cholesterol level in blood and alters it with the right one.


Being a major constipation dealer since ages, guava also has the capacity to lose weight. It is fiber supplemented and has declined glycemic index that makes it a metabolism booster and weight losing delight.


Whether you’re fruit focused or not, never ignore berries for the weight losing purpose. Delicious for both taste buds and eyes and slaying the capacity to produce fats burning hormones such as adiponectin and leptin, strawberries make the best fruit to lose weight and for boosting the metabolism up.


They contain 89% water and a lot of fiber to help you curb your hunger and body fats. You can use peaches in the salad, in smoothies and in juice to see the wonder it does.


Last but not the least, blueberries are the most influential ones among all the fruit family. Its benefits range from insulin control, cholesterol balancing, anti-oxidative functioning and pushing away your hypertension, shedding your fats to making you less stressed in routine life.

How to use fruits

To lose weight, you can take fruits as snacks and add them to your regular salads with meals. You can turn them into fresh juice items and delicious smoothies with yogurt to kill the fats around your bones.

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