Complete Diet Plan for Women to Lose Weight Quickly

Generally, we all are adding weight to our bodies while eating but the trick is some of us eat right according to our nutritive needs and physical activity, some eat more and increase their physical activity and some only eat and complain about body weight. But there are many other factors too in addition to eating which is involved in raising obesity prevalence such as environment and genetics. Whatever the reason is, most of our population of all the ages is complaining about their increasing body weight. In the US, every 2 out of 4 persons are reporting obesity and worried about how to lose weight. You can mark lazy lifestyle stuffed with a lot of gadgets and zero physical activity and the processed food we eat as the basic reason behind this highest prevalence as well but it is not yet impossible to alter the life preferences. Is it?

A research offered by Chentall Vela and Len Cravits revealed that currently, 25 percent of females and 20 percent of males of the total US population are obese and the prevalence has increased from 14.5 to 21.5 over past 5 years. The reasons they mentioned including high energy intake but low physical activity, as we just talked above.

There are gender differences too in weight gain and weight loss. As the research declared more obese women than men in the US, it also revealed that women tend to lose weight slowly than men. Therefore, women need to be more concerned and active about the weight loss.

A research published at Advances in Nutrition;  AN International Review Journal further reports that women tend to gain more weight than men. But why?

You can find all of your questions get answered in this post if you just cooperate with us to keep going. I’ve compiled some important information that all of the women out there need to know about their bodies and how they can lose weight, particularly with diet.

Here is what you’ll find in this article:

> Why women gain more weight than men?

> Truths about women’s body

>Why you need to weigh yourself now

>All you need to know about food to lose weight

>Breakfast plan to lose weight

>Snacking to lose weight

>Lunch breaks that help you lose weight

>Post-lunch activities to lose weight

>Weight-loss friendly Meals at the dining table

>Weight loss plan for pregnant ladies

>Exercises you can do at home

>How to keep going and not gain the lost weight again?


Let’s have a look at every point solely to better understand the phenomenon of weight loss in mighty female bodies.

Why Women gain more weight than men?

Women have different bodies than men, of course, so their functioning is quite different too so do their emotions. According to the above-mentioned research, the authors revealed that women tend to eat more junk and fatty foods than men. They eat more healthy food and sugar laden fats than men that lead to the more weight gain. No doubt nutrition and lifestyle affect both men and women but sadly, all of these things affect women more significantly. More of, the stressed and depressed moods also induce more fats into female bodies as they are famous for their mood swings.

Physically, menstruation and menopause can also make them eat more and unhealthily leading to stuff them with more mass than normal. It is also said that women need 20  minutes more sleep than men but generally due to their extended chores, they can’t sleep enough or a little less than men that also imbalance their hormones and make them accumulate fats around their organs. Birth control pills are other reasons that cause weight gain in women and with no doubt, it is true that all other diseases also affect female bodies more severally. Kidney and heart issues can lead to weight gain but the prevalence is again higher in women than in men, sadly. There are certain only-female-related diseases such as ovarian cyst that can make you gain as much as 30 pounds in a matter of months. So, ladies, we are sorry but you always need to be more careful than men either it is about health, looks or chores. You have more social pressure and this is real.

Truths about women’s body

Before heading to what is right and wrong for you, we want you to know your own body and your own structure to better understand how to lose weight effectively. Knowing how a woman’s body differs from man’s not in structure only but in functioning, can help you have a better plan for your fitness and body shape.

As it is apparent that men have more muscles than women due to their grand hormone testosterone which makes them genetically stuffed with more muscles and fewer fats which are quite opposite for women. This unique feature of men allows them to eat more fats or calories but if women do the same, their hips will start the growing battle. Additionally, women are more prone to eating temptation as they are the dealers of all the culinary related stuff whether it is cooking, preparing a menu or grocery shopping. More the exposure more is the hypothalamus being motivated.

Similarly, women are not only different from men in body but certainly in emotions too. A man will witness the weight scale raising and he will do it right quickly while women happen to be more sluggish when it comes to workout. Most of the women don’t worry about 2-3 pounds weight gain (Just as I did, I regret it a lot trust me) and when the weight shoots up, we start starving and working out which take way longer than it might have taken upon the first weight-gaining gut feeling.

I hope after looking into these points you might have got a better understanding of the position you hold in your fitness plan. Maybe you’ve started working, maybe you are thinking about the start, maybe you are looking for motivation even to think about it or maybe you’ve not even realized your weight gain yet. At whatever stage you are, the time is now.

Ladies, weigh yourself so we could lead you to a better diet plan

Get up and weigh yourself now and rest is here available. No matter how much overweighed you are, a good diet synchronized with a necessary exercise or cardio can help you completely. And there is nothing impossible in this world. Look at this woman Zarine Khan who was 100kg before and turned up to half of it? And what she did? Only a balanced diet and exercise worked for her without any supplement and weight losing pill.

And this guy named Alton Ward totally credits eating at Chick-Fil-A for his weight loss. Yes, he claims that he just put his effort on managing his food at his favorite restaurant and here he is, a fit young man with an attractive body killing the ladies on the way.

So, ladies, there is nothing that is impossible in this world. And I hope there is enough motivation to let you get started right now.

Here we have a detailed diet plan for how to lose weight. You can follow it for your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. All of the mentioned recommendations are healthy, approved and disease repellent. And after going through these things, you’ll get to know that you already know a lot of it, all you need is managements and control of what you’re going to eat at what time and what not.

Let’s start shedding pounds.

In other words, let’s start eating. (That’s what we ladies love, yeah?)

Let’s show men what we can do even being nice housewives.

What you need to know about the food

Before stepping into the kitchen to cook something to lose weight, you first need to understand food a little. You know that some foods are healthy and some not but on which basis they are titles as such, that’s the real query.

A healthy proportion of proteins, fibers, healthy fats and water is what make a food healthy whether it is some cooked meal, nuts, vegetables, fruits or anything that you can eat for your nourishment. Food with the high proportion of fats, sugars and oils are the unhealthy ones. You can now categorize the meals you have been stuffing in since your birth. All the energy drinks, soft drinks, packaged juices and beverages are filled with the unhealthy amount of sugar that only fill you with empty calories offering you zero nutrition. Same is the case with processed food that stuffs your body with a lot of unnecessary fats.

For better choice, all you need to do is to choose food with more proteins, fibers and water and fewer carbs and fats. This is an easy trick. About calories, this is just a unit measuring your food intake in numbers. Researchers say that to lose maximum 15 pounds, you should limit your calorie intake to 1400.

This plan we’re going to offer you is completely giving you a 1400 calorie meal plan without even putting you at the starvation zone.

These breakfasts are 400 calories each and you can switch it in days and have some good time.

The Holy Breakfast

According to researchers breakfast is the important meal of the day that nobody should skip particularly females and children. Healthy breakfast can ensure you 50% more weight loss with your other anti-obesity tricks. But what you eat as breakfast is the most important thing. Stuffing yourself with cheese or some processed food can ruin your whole system. There are certain healthy recommendations that you can adopt to lose maximum weight in 6 weeks. And do you know what is the trick? After 6 weeks, you will be fixed at this diet and your body will settle for nothing but this healthy diet. Give it a try it just cost a little money and some of your time.

REMINDER: These breakfast options will offer you healthy fiber and protein proportion and you can completely trust on it. Additionally, make it sure that you are not eating less than 12-1300 calories a day as that can lead you to starvation and hazardous health consequences. 1400 calories per day are really healthy and eminent for 15 pounds weight loss.

1 – Egg Sandwich

Spray the oil at the base of a pan placed at the lightly lit oven and cook 2 slice turkey beef and 1 whole egg. Top it with 2 tomato slices, whole-grain muffin and lettuce leaves and have it with some gulps of fresh orange juice.

Note: remember to take one of these for a day and keep switching for delighting your taste buds with nutritive bites.

2 – Spinach-Potato scramble

Spread two tablespoons of olive oil over you finely heated frying pan and add 1 cup of finely shredded potato and almost 2 cups of baby spinach. Cook them until they are golden. Beat 2 egg whites with 1 whole egg and add the stuff into the pan. Top the cooked material with some black pepper, some fresh grapes and 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese. A delightful breakfast indeed that can keep you away from any random snack for all the time until lunch!

3 – Lean Green Smoothies

Smoothies also make nutritive and robust breakfast controlling your calorie intake and hitting your belly fats to give you better looks. For this one, blend 1 frozen banana, some baby spinach, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed, 2 tablespoons of rolled oats and 1 teaspoon honey into 1.5 cups of low-fat milk. Add some ice cubes and enjoy the morning breeze.

4 – Smoked Salmon coupled with Apple

Nice plan, eh?  Just take 2 pieces of rye bread and spread some low-fat cream cheese over it. Grab some 1 ounce smoked salmon adding some chopped chives and here you can eat it with the organic apple. You can drink lemon water with it to cleanse your liver and to boost up your weight losing process.

5 – The mighty walnut breakfast spread

Nuts make best meals with a lot of fibers and proteins offering you fewer crabs and fats. Fibers do their twist by keeping you full and away from food for longer by getting digested slowly. It also takes your energy that assists you to turn more fats into the strength or to be breathed out.

These are the top 5 healthy options for breakfast covering the 400 calories of your total 1400 calorie diet plan for the day. Losing weight is not that difficult as it is portrayed nowadays and for the women, it can get easier if they learn how to twist their grocery list and cooking skills at the kitchen. Better health with better family is what a woman asks for and here are the rest of the tricks.

Before jumping to the lunch recommendations, it is important to notice that whether you need any snack within these timings or not and if you take it what are the best options.

Snacks between breakfast and lunch

It is often believed that if we have healthy and nutritive breakfast in the morning which is full of proteins and fibers and offering us a good hydration level, we usually don’t feel like eating until the afternoon. But still, if you couldn’t get along with a 400 calorie or some healthy breakfast or if you have been a food craver and working on controlling your habits, there are some fine and balanced snacks choices that you can easily make at home, pack for your university or workplace. So, ladies make some notes and get ready to lose your 15 pounds only with this simple alteration in diet.

Tomato toast with Macadamia Ricotta

Whole grain bread crowned with homemade macadamia ricotta cheese with basil, shiso, salt and pepper glaze topped with the fresh organic tomato slices offers you the perfect combination of taste and nutrition making it a best of the healthy and controlled snacks that you can try between your breakfast and lunch and it can help you boost your metabolism more robustly and to help you turn more fats into energy.

Chia Porridge

Proteins in the appetizing bites of fruits mixed with milk cooked quinoa topped with some sweet zings swap the cereals from the snacking options. Lysine, an important amino acid also makes this quinoa and chia porridge fine for tissue growth and repair. Furthermore, it takes no more time than adding the ingredients into a bowl and enjoying the feast anytime. Easy to make and luscious to take this snack is also a good option for regulating your ‘how to lose weight’ routine.

Fruit bowl

Desserts (not too sugary ones) also make healthy snacks and hot fruit bowl is already superlative. Just fill the oven with the bowl of berry blend having the dark chocolate topping and a cup of milk and here go the luscious mouthwatering bites for the refreshing midday delight.

REMINDER: You must notice that these snacks are a bit (not much) heavy and you might not need any of them if you are taking 400-500 calories in the morning. But still, if you manage to have these snacks into your 1400 calories diet, these are the best options for you. These are also important for those ladies who are trying to limit their calories from 3000-4000 to 1400-1500. This struggle is real and we really don’t want to drop them instantly. These snacks can help you drop 500 calories every day.

Egg Muffins

Egg muffins? Yes, but without the sugar addition. Whisk the eggs (spare the yolk) by enriching it with bacon, the sprinkle of cheese, spinach and some spices and pour the mixture into tins. Bake it properly and have it for synchronizing the craving with a super delicious serving.

Banana Smoothie

How can you ignore smoothies while considering healthy snacks ideas? Take some frozen bananas, soy milk, yogurt, honey, peanut butter and ice cubes and blend them well. Not only for snacking but this peanut butter banana smoothie makes the best breakfast. Additionally, you can top it with some chocolate or vanilla too if you want and help your body weight something really nutritive yet engulfing (extra fats).

Berry Parfait

Easy to make, healthy to take the fruit and yogurt mixture behaves like the goddess anytime you take it. Offering you a freehand for managing the calorie and protein intake this parfait let you choose your favorite topping and help you ignite the fat burning engine following the robustly working metabolism and energy production.

Done with the snacking? Now you can do your chores at ease without worrying about you’ve not eaten for a while (I do this because I just can’t stop eating and all I do is to manage it with these snacks). Thanks to God for creating such an amazing world full of things to eat. But fitness is what God wants us to work for.

So, let’s eat I mean let’s work to lose weight, my ladies.

Hey! It’s Lunch Time!

Here are research available that I was skimming through saying how lunch improves our performance. It is my practical experiment that lunch break is essential to boost your creativity and your energy to work more particularly in the lazy noon and afternoon hours. Sun’s effect, you know!

After having a lunch break, you will see how you manage your home as a housewife or your working desk at your workplace. The results are real and you can go and try it as it costs nothing.

Ladies, just keep it in the vision that no work in this world is more important than your fitness. If you’re physically fit and sane, you can achieve everything but if you’re not living with a healthy body spending your hours over bed due to illness and counting hours for death to come and take you (God forbid!), you are losing your life. It is more important for you to stay healthy with right weight to keep your house healthy and fit. That’s the aura of a woman being the mother, sister, daughter and wife. Luckily, the hygiene of the home is in our hands so let’s make something worth eating that can also help you lose weight.

Lunch option

Here are certain healthy recipes that you can try for lunch. They are full of proteins, fibers, water and good fats shielding you from cardiovascular and other related diseases. If you have any other ideas make the lunch with just keep the 1400 calories per day target in your mind and don’t forget to make healthy food choices. Let’s move forward.

1    – Whole grain roll and soup

This is a simple recipe if you have the ingredients before hand and they are inexpensive, luckily. Just heat up 1.5 cups of lentil soup or you can also go for canned butter but squash with reduced sodium involvement and add some balsamic vinegar and olive oil to the heating soup. Now grab 1 whole-grain roll in vinaigrette and have a delighted lunch break with your family, friends or colleagues. Yes, you can prepare a lunch box and get it ovened whenever you want.

2 – Chicken Cobb Salad

No matter what is the time of the day, salads are always in to let you celebrate your meals and for lunch, you cannot strike anything better, controlled and healthy than salads. This particular salad is what you can make at home and can place an order for. In both cases, it is perfect for your weight losing journey.

Grab some fresh carrots and shred them finely. Similarly, peel and chop a piece of avocado and take 2 cups of salad greens as well. Bring 1 hard-cooked egg, 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinaigrette and 2 ounces of baked rotisserie chicken into the game as well and toss the entire ingredients well. Here it is your salad ready stuffing you with a lot of proteins coming from salad greens, avocado, egg and chicken and a lot of minerals from all of these ingredients too helping you to regain your stamina after working from morning to noon.

That’s exciting!

3 – Smoked salmon sushi

Are you a sushi lover? You can try this lunch item for sure to boost your love to another level. Wrapping 2 tablespoon’s from the bowl of shredded cucumber, 3 tablespoons of the cooked brown rice, 1 tablespoon peeled and chopped avocado, 2 tablespoons shredded carrots and ½ ounces of smoked salmon into 3 nori sheets can seal the smoked salmon sushi deal for you. Offering you a complete package of taste and nutrition, this is one of the rebelling and robust things that your mouth has ever tasted.

You weight scale is going downside!

4 – Thai Tofu Sandwich

Spray a pan’s bottom with olive oil and heat 4 ounces of tofu for four minutes until each of its sides is golden. Now grab the Thai chilli-garlic sauce Sriracha and brush the tofu with its 1.2 tablespoons. Peel and slice the avocado, cucumber and carrots and bring some fresh cilantro too. Your sandwich is ready as the whole-grain roll stuffed with your spicy ingredients.

Why is food so amazing, man?

Let’s try another delightfully delicious lunch item.

5 – Salmon Plate

This lunch item is a wild one devouring s4 ounces of canned salmon, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, ¼ teaspoon of black pepper and dried dill, 1 tablespoon olive oil,3 tablespoons chopped celery and 1 tablespoon of fresh chives (chopped). A fine cooking can get you a wild salmon plate that you can serve yourself with 10 whole-grain cracker and some cucumber and bell pepper bites.

These lunch recipes can take you to the 500-600 calories that are decent for your weight losing journey with diet. Don’t forget to avoid sugary drinks, soft drinks and packaged juices with your lunch. Just take a lot of water or another healthy drink that suits your nutrition plan and in these 6 weeks, you are going to hit your best body.

What can you do after lunch?

If you’re in office, you can complete your work efficiently and if you’re home you can do your necessary chores of the kitchen and laundry maybe. Most probably, you’ll have some healthy amount of time before preparing the dinner since the lunch break. So you can utilize these hours for your weight losing purposes. If you’re a gym person, these are one of best hours for you to strike your cardio or aerobic plan. If you’re not a gym person, you can go to the nearby park with a fine company and can have a light or brisk walk. That will not only help you digest your food properly, boost up your metabolism and save you from fatigue but it will also set a fire alarm for the deposited fats in your body about the presence of the robust steps too that you can undertake to burn those sleepy entities out.

REMINDER-STAY FIT: Don’t forget to move your body quite often during the day. Staying active is another trick to losing weight in addition to right diet and right exercise plan. Don’t waste your body by sitting on your couch at home or at your working chair at your workplace. Make some time and take a walk to breathe as many fats out as possible.

We are here to help you become the best version of you. Here you go, ladies.

Dinner ideas

Science has paid sufficient attention to proper meals for a healthy and fitness-friendly lifestyle. Therefore, bouncing any meal including dinner is out of the question. We acknowledge that you need easy and handy culinary guide to save their time and energy and for the very same reason here is some effective and healing suggestions to make your dinner quickly and to have better sleep.

IMPORTANT: make it sure that you have your dinner before 9 pm.

Spanish Pici Pasta

Full of nutrients and delightful to cook Spanish pici pasta is the best quick homemade choice for a delighted dinner. It is a grand brewing of plain floor with baby Spanish dressed with tomatoes, garlic, courgettes, red chili and olive oil and topped with fresh basil and parmesan cheese. This healthy dinner doesn’t only look refreshing but also elate the stomach and help you digest the food quickly and lose more calories than you are consuming.

Chicken and spring green bun cha

A mouth-watering and healthily spicy salad topped with green and herby vegetables and sweltering chicken makes this dinner meal best among all. You can bake its 4 servings in 55 minutes by brewing the edamame beans, chicken thighs, lemongrass stalks, red chili, ginger and garlic cloves, honey, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar and by topping it with finely cooked vermicelli, basil, mint, Spanish, beans, onions and shallots. This healthy dinner will be offering you 478 calories. Perfect for your 1400 calories a day plan for weight loss!

Pesto Mussels toast

Filled with metabolism friendly micronutrients named selenium and iodine mussels are the wholesome affiliate of shellfish family. By sophisticating the debearded and fine mussels with pesto, cherry tomatoes, baby courgettes, bread and fresh basil, you can have some nutritive bites that will be enough for keeping you away from any other taste for coming 7-8 hours. And 2 serving of this healthy dinner will be offering you 471 calories. Again, the best accommodation for your weight losing diet plan making some space for your snacking! Grand!

Sesame butterflied chicken

This dish is easy to strike and you can bake two servings in just 18 minutes handily. Cool, eh? By concocting the rice noodles with chicken breasts, cabbage, sugar snap peas and onions by enlivening it with red chili, soya sauce, ginger paste, yogurt and groundnut oil you can have a quick and healthy dinner. And it will present you with 489 calories.

Not even the single recipe is crossing the defined limit calories. Therefore, you can trust this plan completely and can give it a try right now. Don’t forget to offer your precious feedback.

Asian salmon and sweet potato tray bake

Get the salmon from a trustable source and combine it with sweet potatoes. Dress them in red chili, ginger, garlic, lemongrass stalks, vegetable stock, fat-free coconut milk, and lime and soya sauce. Here is another influential and nutritive healthy dinner serving made in 50 minutes that can make you full easily and can cover up all of your nourishment needs. It will be offering you 392 calories.

Salmon always deal the meals in the best way and that’s what makes this fish favorite among all.

So, ladies, there are the dinner recipes helping you to get a better understanding of how to lose weight with the proper and controlled diet plan.

By following this diet, you can easily manage your breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks without any worry. You have easy to make breakfast options, lunch bites, snack recommendations and dinner bites that you can alter with your other favorite recipes too. Have a healthy life, everyone!

Do you mind if I tell you about the exercises you can carry out without going to the gym?

Let’s discuss!

Exercises which you can do at home

It is obvious from detailed research as well as from personal experience that the most workable schemes to lose weight include the healthy diet and good exercise and both of things are in your hand. Staying active since waking up to falling asleep is the first trick. Furthermore, don’t forget to take a walk for at least 20 minutes a day. The best time for the walk is in the morning right after waking up or in the evening an hour or two after the lunch break. 20 minutes’ walk per day secures you from plenty of health issues including fatigue, bad cholesterol deposits in the blood, uric acid accumulation, osteoporosis, digestive problems and also help you burn more calories than you’re taking in.

Similarly, push-ups and sit-ups are also good cardio options that you can try at home as they don’t need any equipment and make your muscles strong and improve your metabolism that in turn help you lose weight.

If you can do the bridges, that’s gold. They will save you from backbone injuries and will increase your stamina and energy level that helps you stays active in the routine.

The best home friendly exercise to me is skipping rope. Skipping rope is fun, entertaining, energetic and full of benefits. It hits all of your body muscles improving their strength and helping your digestive system to work faster and metabolism even faster.

Squats are also good as they help you get the flatter tummies and better digestion with increased metabolism. No doubt, they take more energy but efforts invested in squats pay back effectively. Side lunge, spider lunge, squat jumps and lifting light dumbbells can also help you to reach your weight losing goals.

You can consult some fitness trainer or gym trainer to help you make a home based exercise plan and you will be rocking the swimsuits in few weeks. Trust me!

Are you thinking it is finished? I’m sorry it is not. We have the sisters out there who are expecting their babies and without any doubt, they need extra care and precaution to look after their fitness. We have a detailed diet plan for you too if you are one of them. Happy childbearing by the way!

For pregnant ladies

Being pregnant you can follow the diet plan and supplements suggested by your doctor because you can’t attempt to lose weight when you’re carrying a baby in your womb. But once you’ve gone through the delivery having your baby in the cradle, you can think about your fitness plan to lose the weight you’ve gained before and during pregnancy. But the reminder is that you should never think about hitting the exercise or dieting at least for 3 weeks after delivering your baby. That’s what doctors say about it.

A research published at NCBI says that women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy and if it is not dealt well, it can lead you to heart disease, diabetics and many other potential diseases. Therefore, women should never ignore the weight and should instantly try to shape themselves up by healthily getting out of bed.

Here is a plan for all the pregnant ladies to lose weight.

Don’t skip your meals

Having a newborn baby, you need energy and nutrition that could compensate the energy you have sacrificed. Therefore, specialists recommend healthy and proper eating and no food starvation as it can lead to severe consequences. Just try to eat healthy breakfast with low calorie and high protein/fiber containing food such as eggs, cereals, beans, nuts, vegetables etc. Try to eat healthy snacks and take fruits and vegetable portions 4-5 times a day. Just don’t try to skip meals. Following healthy diet routine after giving birth will not only keep you full for longer but will also make you come back to your previous energy level that in turn will help you to lose weight after 4-8 weeks of giving birth.

Robust exercise is out of question

Yes, right after having your baby, don’t run for losing the weight you have gained during pregnancy. And heavy exercise? That can be really dangerous. Therefore, specialists recommend taking light exercises as a start such as walking and stretching. Don’t go for potential work-out or exercise until you are completely out of post pregnancy period.

Watch carefully what you’re eating

Super food as instance fish and dairy products which are low in calories but contain the remarkable quantity of proteins and fibers can help you eminently to recover from that pregnancy zone. This will bring your body back. Eating yogurt, cottage cheese, cold water fish, lean meat and beans can provide you with enough calcium to bring your strength back but also offers you DHA, an amino acid necessary for baby’s immune system development and brain improvement.

Breastfeeding might help you

If you are breastfeeding, your baby is consuming much of what you are eating. So, you can boost up the number of calories you are taking but don’t go too far to never come back. You can take as many as 1600-1800 calories a day switching from 1400 calories but only if you’re breastfeeding.

REMINDER: Losing weight after pregnancy also depends upon how much you weighed before. If you were slim before pregnancy, this guide can help you come back to your figure safely and quite quickly but if you were already obese, losing after-birth weight can take more time.

How to maintain the weight

A point to ponder is, will you have to strive for this diet plan and exercise for the whole of your life to avoid the weight you have already lost?

There are tricky answers to its question and the most suitable one is yes. Because after struggling for so many days to achieve your desired body weight, you cannot switch back to your junk food lazy routine because that’s what bring you back to your previous BMI. If you give it a detailed and awaken thought you’ll see that healthy eating and routine exercise is not only for your weight loss but for your overall health and for the health of your next generation too that will be feasting upon what you eat for straight nine months living in your very own womb. The oils and fats you eat get stored in your blood if you don’t work to diminish them and they can ruin your whole life and your offspring by ingesting into his blood too.

If you keep eating the healthy diet, it is sure that you will not be getting the lost fats and weight back.

If you’ve lost half pound weight and never going to gain it back with your effort, this is your victory.

To maintain your weight there are three basic tips:

> Eat Healthy

> D some exercise

> Stay active during the day


We have discussed everything about how and why women are different from men physically and emotionally and how it affects their weight differently. We have seen the hormonal changes and other emotional and environmental conditions that can cause women to gain more weight than men. We have discussed a complete plan of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking and daily activity that can help ladies to lose maximum weight. We have shed some light on the issues of the pregnant ladies who want to lose weight after giving birth and upon the home-based exercise that can save you from accumulating more fats. And we have commented upon how you can maintain your weight at a static point.

Here, an important thing to notice is, however, men gain less weight than us and we lose weight much slowly than men, still, we have easier ways to deal it than men whose muscles need extra effort and they had to strive for more hours in the gym.

Finishing on the note that

If you want to lose weight there are the ways open for you if you are courageous enough to track them.

Happy eating! Happy weight loss!

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