How Did Zarine Khan Lost So Much Weight?

There is no denying to the fact that media has targeted our lives in all possible ways. Ranging from point of views to our dressing sense, manners, what we eat or any possible thing, media has played an important role. How we see ourselves, how we see others and what improvements we want in our lives, is all dependent on media nowadays whether it is electronic media, print media or social media. And we are already here getting inspiration from different media figures. Am I wrong? If yes, it’s tricky because you’ve already joined me in the talk. Let’s take it by our mutual cooperation.

Dreaming about slim waistline and thin being, a large number of women and even men follow their favorite celebrities to look beautiful, hot, and slim and to lose their weight. Yes, it is true because a huge research has already set this topic of body image or media effects on fire to support the previous idea. A research published in Semantic Scholars has put forward the evidence of the level to which media is influencing our body image and our perception.

Wait; there is nothing to be worried about. Let’s look at the real, humane, touchable and sensual instance that can lead you to a waking world of fitness.

Ladies, grab some paper and pencil or switch the saving option of your gadget on to keep the right tactics of weight loss that all time favorite Zarine Khan has set for you.

Zarine Khan, the exquisite beauty and representation of Asian gorgeousness is all set to inspire the world with her shocking body transformation. Yes, the princess Yashodhara of Veer-The Film 2010 and the Khushi of Ready-The film 2010 has stolen the show with her mind-blowing performance. But not to forget what she had to do to get in the focus of Bollywood devotion.

Miss Khan, is an Indian Actress and Model working particularly for Bollywood but also stealing the show by her appearance in Punjabi and Tamil films. She is a late 80’s girl born to a Muslim Indian family in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Always being pretty and chubby with cutest smile ever she wanted to pursue the profession of medicine having to model as the second option. Unluckily yet luckily, she couldn’t follow her dream of wearing the white coat and curing the patients with her cutest smile and she had to think about her second option to hit the public for the same goal. Just the pain of injections was replaced with the pleasure of her big screen performance.

But what?

To come forward to that heavenly camera, you need to be slim enough to fit into the lens, at least. And if you’re not, you have to take a lot of criticism and bad words for your appearance irrespective of your mighty talent that you’re carrying behind your fats. But NO, they are first concerned with how you look.

That’s how media works.

Well, for Miss Khan, she was more than 100 kg back then in school and college days, as she told in one of her talks, but 100 kgs in Bollywood blockbuster? WHAT?

That was a big NO. But Zarine Khan was all ambitious and dedicated to hitting the dance floor of Character Dheela in the future and she couldn’t hold herself back to just sit in the house and to cry over her unseen dream. (The best thing about her, NEVER GIVE UP)

The beginning

As she told in her saying, that experience of being mocked for her weight was not unexpected because she has always been listening to these kinds of verbalizations that we make for fat people but she never bothered, and she was never going to bother in future too.

As she said, “I was so laid-back, I didn’t care about my weight althought people repeatedly asked me to watch it”

But she never gave it a thought until now.

She was all set to enter the glamorous yet demanding world of Bollywood where people change their perspectives every Friday, as Khan stated, she was determined to change everyone’s mind by her weight loss, body transformation and with her catching performance at the end.

How did she gain weight at the first place?

As per her talks, Miss Khan used to be really foodie in her school and college days and the most fun part is that she was never ashamed or worried about how she looked because according to her being a chubby doctor was okay. As she said in her Instagram post that she was happy back then when she was more than 100kg and she is happy now when she is even less than the half of it. She further added that happiness is a mind-set and it has nothing to do with your weight if you are comfortable with it.

This makes sense to me!

Therefore, Zarine Khan is not only an inspirational entity for your weight loss but also for how to love you at the first place and to never bother for what other people say because


Her film career

Salman Khan, needing no introduction, noticed the talented aura of Miss Khan at the Film School of Whistling Wood. He got impressed and gave no second thought to her casting in Anil Sharma’s Veer. So, after a great bunch of criticism that she bore sadly, just because of her weight, she made the impossible possible and blow the cinema screen with her debut, co-starring the one and only Salman Khan as Princess Yadhoshara in Veer-The Film. And important to mention, she had to gain 8 kg to fit into the character of that 80’s princess in the movie that was basically plotted around the 1825’s Pandhari Moment of Rajhistan back when India was ruled the by the Great Britain.

8 kg? Yes, think how much she might have lost to shut the mouths of all haters?

But, again, the world was not fair to her. She even received a huge bunch of criticism for her weight in Veer-The Film 2010 too. But her spirit didn’t drop and she rose like a queen on the dance floor of ‘Character Dheela’ for her movie Ready, and everybody was flabbergasted.

Give a look to her before and after appearances. Amazing!

And that’s how she gave a straight shut-up call to all of the bodyshammers saying:

“Came across these pics of mine from school and college days. (White one was in std 9th & pink one right after my std 12th exams). When I look at these pics I feel proud of myself today not tht I felt any lesser abt myself back then. Inspite of being so big I never let ppl’s comments or ideas abt me bother me. Bcoz it’s my like and my body and only I hav the right to decide wht I’m gonna do with it. Then one day I decided let me try how it feels to b a little lighter and hence started my weight loss journey. It wasn’t easy at all bt everytime I looked at the Progress in the mirror I got the push to do more. I had lots more energy than before and I was loving every bit of this new person I was transforming into.

When I became a part of this industry, I had lost all my weight … Infact I was asked to put on weight Fr my first film to look the character. Unfortunately I was criticized to no end Fr my weight bt again I never let tht get to me. How cud I? Those ppl had not seen me like the way I am in these pics here. And Fr me everything was jus an achievement to reach frm where I was to where I am.

I continued on my fitness journey irrespective Bcoz fitness Fr me is a way of life now. Along with the weight loss came a lot of stretch marks bt instead of feeling ashamed of it and trying to hide it , I believe in flaunting it . It makes me feel like a tigress with her stripes. I have come a long way in this journey f fitness and I still hav a long way to go… Bt it’s always been only Fr myself and not Bcoz of ppl shaming me..!

#Monday Motivation #SayNoToBodyShaming #LoveYourself”

If this is not motivating you to strike the gym to lose weight now, what else can?

After knowing her profound dedication for what she is up to and for what she has already done, let’s have a detailed look at how she made her way to the top to gain some inspiration and pro-tips for how to lose weight.

Exercise plan of Zarine Khan to lose weight

To Khan, weight loss has no short cut and believing this very thing she went for exercise and yoga. She is reported to be a great fan of yoga and loves the workout. As Khan had a huge mass to shed, she decided to strike the gym potentially and she really lost 43 pounds. Can you imagine?

For the fitness training, Khan joined the Body Holic under the captaincy of Abbas, the trainer. While talking about the problems Miss Khan reported and what were her shortcomings in the initial days, Abbas stated that she narrated her obesity as she is fat, unfit and uncomfortable in shoes and he was really understanding to know the problems Miss Khan was facing at the moment. To help her deeply and thoroughly, he gave Miss Khan a notebook to track down their progress in weight loss and fitness. And jot it down; she was going to do 500 reps means 50 reps of 10 different exercises in a single day. And the results were astonishing.

Here are the top core workout moves Abbas suggested and helped Zarine Khan for knowing how to lose weight and stay fit.


Zarine Khan did the 50 reps of planks one or twice a week and it did wonders to her body. Keeping the neck, back and spine all straight in one line, retaining the core muscles tight and pressing her elbows against the floor right below the shoulders helped Zarine Khan to do the planks in the right way.

Zarine Khan mentioned in a sitting how much she enjoyed doing her workout with her gym trainer as he is really innovative and helping. As she said, she even looked forward to join her trainer on the selected days and got excited for the wonders she usually sees after doing the workout with him.

Side Planks

As she was supposed to do the 50 reps of 10 different exercise or moves, side plank was the second one. Keeping her ankles and elbow at the same level of the straight line, elbow underneath the shoulder and her whole body upright she started lifting up and here she was doing it every week without skipping and staying fit.

The truth about side planks is that they don’t only hit you fats to be burnt and to lose weight but also strengthen your core muscles but also your wrists, arms and legs and additionally they help you improve your balance that can help you in your sports and in doing other exercises at the gym.

“The Best Moves Are Low On Trunk Flexion, With Many Bridging Or Plank”


The next exercise Zarine Khan knocked was the superman posture. Just needing the left arm (or right), neck, back, spine and right leg (left if the arm is right) in the straight line and retaining the core muscles again, Khan was constantly crashing the belly mass and was setting her fats on fire. Superman exercise as alternate limb hitter is well-known for strengthening the upper and lower muscles and even for curing the back pain if done in the right way. Additionally, it also hit the hamstring muscles and glutes as well.

As Khan stated, the results were astonishing that made her choose the Body Holics as the permanent place to hit for a potential workout under the training of Abbas, the trainer.


Zarine Khan then went for bridges as one of the 10 core exercises she opted for her workout. Bridges are usually done as a prevention to heal the back pain, aches and to improve the overall body performance not only inside the gym but everywhere. Famous for detaining back and knee pain, for improving core and posture and for heightening the athletic performance bridges are one of the potential sources of fitness for Zarine Khan.


As all of you know, if push-ups aren’t into your core fitness plan, what are you doing then? According to Abbas, Zarine Khan started it gradually as she weighed quite a lot in the beginning but after some time she was robust into it and she was doing it like a fitness queen in the gym.

Push-ups helped Zarine Khan to burn more fats, to use more energy from that blazing, increased her functional strength by involving the whole body in the process, improved her cardiovascular system, maintained her posture and made the muscle stretching possible.

If you’re planning to hit the robust body transformation like Zarine Khan, following her exercise routine can do wonder to you.

The workout doesn’t mean that Zarine Khan starved to death to lose weight and to get fit. She followed a proper routine of healthy diet recommended by professionals. We are going to discuss that in detail to help you know how to lose weight. Just hold on and stay connected.

Let’s get back to the workout plan of Zarine Khan Instructed by Abbas.

Bent Over-Row

In the potential workouts that Zarine Khan went for even while having a heavy body, bent over row was her real accomplishment. That helped her tighten her skin, curb the belly fats and incorporated the rhomboids, lats, traps, delts and yes, the biceps.

If you are up to try the barbell bent-over, here is what you can keep in mind.

> Bend your knees slightly

> Bend over the bars

> Keep you back straight

> And grasp the bars with your wide hands at the right position

> Pull bar to upper waist

> When arms are extended and shoulders are stretched in the down direction, return!

> Repeat

Sit ups

Zarine Khan is a fan of the sit-ups too that has helped her shape her body everybody loves in the world and might get you an ‘I’m in love with the shape of you’ compliment. Sit-ups right hit your rectus abdominal muscles fixing your lower abs and making wonders to your belly.

If you want to follow how Zarine Khan used the Sit-Ups to lose weight, you can follow this guide.

> Lie down on the floor

> Place your feet at the right position with bend knees or place it under some unmovable object. You can ask your fellow to hold your feet too for the right posture of sit-ups.

> Now, place your hands behind your neck and fix them with each other.

> Raise your upper body making a V-like position with your hips

> Keep breathing

> When you feel even the slight contraction, move back to the initial position

> Repeat

Here it is, and that might help you to follow the Zarine Khan’s weight losing journey.

Clean and press

This is one of the best chest workouts that we Zarine Khan used to build her awesome body

REMINDER: We will be talking about the chest workout of Zarine Khan in detail deep down in this article.

Just Keep reading.

Clean and press actually hit the shoulder muscles and the activity also help you grow the chest muscles. Moreover, strengthening the traps, middle and lower back, hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, triceps and abdominals is also the target of clean and press.

If you want to go for the detailed and proper guide of how to do these sit-ups to stay fit and get a great body like Zarine Khan, you can check it in our other posts.

Seated Row

Imagine a girl carrying 100 kg within her body doing the seated row like a diva and hitting the Bollywood screen like a queen. Yes, that’s what Zarine Khan did and cherished the ultimate praises of all of the media personals beating the criticsm she faced in the beginning just because of her weight that she felt very confident about.

That’s how life makes you strong, decisive and successful at the end and Zrine Khan is unbeatable instance for all those women who are struggling to lose weight within the same industry or within the four walls of their house.

Flat dumbbell press

As you might have been seeing it as intensive exercise but if you really want to drop from 100 to 50 kg, this is necessary. As Zarine Khan said in one of her interview, there is no shortcut to weight loss. You got to fight, you got to kill it, you got to beat and show the world the organic and real progress.

Flat dumbbell press is an intensive workout just as the seated row requiring your energy and strength. Zarine Khan did it well and still does it that have already helped her in stretching potentially and better than ever as per her Instagram updates.

Lateral Raises

This workout moves that Zarine Khan followed and still follows with the help of her fitness trainer made her fit and in-shape. Lateral raises actually assist the lateral deltoids with the assistance of trapezius, anterior deltoid and the supraspinatus.

Clap Crunches

Another big hit for striking the back muscles, belly and the whole body clap crunches are one of the 10 50 reps moves that Zarine Khan’s trainer recommends her in her two days a week fitness and workout plan at gym.

Improving the posture, abdominal muscles, core muscles and back, clap crunches are the easy-to-do moves that you can even try at your drawing room, luckily, but with the proper guide.

Other exericses that Zarine Khan follows

Besides all of the moderat intensity to high intesntity workout that Zarine Khan does, following are the other options that she carries out with her even for the week days:




Mountian climbers

Slam Ball

She even went for the compiled martial arts moves of boxing and other sports to improve her mental and physical performance in all areas of her life including personal life and her career.

What Zarine Khan has to say for the exercise to lose weight?

While talking about the tips she would like to offer to all the women out there seeking help to lose weight she asks them to devote at least 30 minute of their day o their body. Walk, run, skip the ropes, do crunches or anything that you like. She further added that you don’t even need to join the gym to stay fit or to follow the workout plan, just follow the right guidelines and do it at you home.

Her trainer further explianed that how sacrificing one hour in total from your Monday to Saturday routine to the body and workout can save you from looking fat, bad and less confident and at this point Zarine Khan agreed with him.

In her talks, she spoke really motivationally for the women to stop worrying about what people have to say about your body. She added that it is your life and your body and you are the only owner and nobody out there has the right to shame you for your beauty. So, don’t get fit for the people who say you are ugly or anything less but get fit for your very own self, you very own health. Inspiring the men and other people should never be your aim, your fitness and better health is all you need to live a good and healthy life. She further described the value of weight loss and fitness by saying that your body is the real essence of your life and that’s what represents your existence in this very world, if you don’t have a good and fit body you have nothing.

“Life is a game in inches; one inch wrong you play can roll you down to ashes”

After this inspirational speech, you might have been thinking that

What did she lose weight for in particular?

This question makes sense and in one of her red carpet words with some journalists, she confessed that she lost her weight due to her dream of being a model. She did it for herself and for her ambition, in particular for media. As she stated in her Instagram post that she never bothers about what people has to say about her body, transforming her body into what it is today was all own decision without any external influence.

I hope that Zarine Khan is offering you enough motivation to go and do something for your fitness, not for the world but for yourself.

Nutrition plan of Zarine Khan to lose weight

Here we are to discuss the nutrition plan of Zarine Khan that she adopted to lose weight and to transform her chubby body into the body carrying the charisma of the Greek Goddesses. Again, Zarine Khan did well and worked hard in her workout but it is not that she left eating and survived only on the salads.

As per the fact, she has always been a foodie person raiding the restaurants anytime to satisfy the cravings and to enjoy her days. But as her that eating habit had drove her to 100 kg weight which was not normal for a college girl, she had to alter her habits. Important to note that she didn’t stop eating, she didn’t starve but just managed her diet by opting what to eat and when to eat.

Here is her quick nutrition plan that she simply follows for the love of her body and her life.


Zarine Khan believes in taking a whole breakfast and she recommends not missing your morning food ever if you want to lose weight. She usually used to take 2 boiled eggs ‘whites, a bowl of fruits or sprouts and brown bread toast. Oatmeal and cereals are also her favorite alternatives. Well,s he avoided and still avoids white bread because it is already notorious for its great positive effects on weight gain.


She boycotted fried stuff years ago and she believes in taking finely and healthily cooked or grilled food for the lunch. She usually took still-fried vegetables, brown rice or grilled chicken with suitable alterations for lunch to compensate the energy she spent upon her workout.


Dinner is always an important part of meals that we should never ignore or skip. But make it sure that you take your dinner before 9 p.m.

Zarine Khan is a night craver but in her tough fitness-concerned days she solely relied on salad, brown rice, grilled chicken and boiled vegetable for the sake of her fitness and weight loss.


As Zarine Khan told in one of her interviews, she takes a lot of snacks per day. In fact she used to eat properly every two hours in her school days. But if you want to lose weight, this frequent snacking can push you back to your previous BMI and Zarine Khan had to manage it.

What she did was the food management. She replaced her oily and fatty snacks with some vegetables, fruits and soups that helped her in her way to gain the perfect body she currently has.

REMINDER: Weight loss has no shortcut, you can’t just sit and eat something and lose weight. I wish it could be that easy but luckily it is not. Because what you get without struggle, you don’t value it and if you don’t value your journey and get careless on the hope of another trial, you’re never going to accomplish it at the first place. Do some exercise, manage your diet and join Zarine Khan to crush the body shaming below your feet.


To lose weight Zarine Khan also bid farewell to all of her favorite sugary drinks, energy drinks and shakes. Setting for the natural things such as coconut water and some juices, Zarine Khan carried out her remarkable weight losing journey.

What else Zarine Khan did for her weight loss?

Zarine Khan, one of the hottest and cutest celebrities belonging to India is also a fan of yoga and during her journey of losing half of her weight when she was 100 kg, she made it sure that she at least gives 30-60 minutes to yoga per day. And now as she is slim, beautiful and curvaceous she still carries on the same routine and devote her time to yoga to stay fit ad burn her extra fats that she usually gains due to her foodie nature.

What Zarine Khan has to say about her eating and yoga

Upon asking whether she is foodie or not she stated that she is obviously a foodie and that was one of the reasons why she gained 100kg in her school days at first place. While discussing the dieting routine she disclosed that she hates dieting and the concept of leaving the food. She believes that starvation can lead you nowhere but to a fragile, unhealthy and unnatural life. She further stated that she eats her favorite food even it is junk once a week and does best to burn the calories. She considers emotions about food important and asks people to don’t press them too often and go eat what you want at least once a week and carry on your weight losing journey.

“Every morning, I do pilates for an hour and weight training thrice a week. I also do some swimming and jogging and eat every two hours to increase my metabolic rate. Sweets and friend food are a strict no.”

Routine of Zarine Khan that helped her lose weight

While talking about the routine she followed to lose weight, she mentioned her walk, jog, swimming and cycling right after waking up. In the beginning, all of these things become difficult but when your muscles get habitual of this and your body manages itself accordingly, you can’t even survive without it.

Starting a day actively, taking healthy meals, staying active for whole day and going to the gym twice or thrice a week are the top guides that Zarine Khan suggests for all those women queuing up to learn how to lose weight.

What does she plan for the future?

She is a full time achiever working 24/7 for her career and good life. In future, she might be doing some movie offering you a thrilling, heroic and in-action appearance of Zarine Khan on screen and for that she is asked to lose more weight. She is already healthily beautiful, but when you are in media, you have to walk into the character’s shoe even to breathe. So, Zarine Khan is all set to shed some more pounds to fit into her upcoming mind-blowing character in an action movie through yoga, fitness training, controlled diet and healthy routine.

That’s what she said further about her yoga while briefing abot her routine:

“Pilates is very challenging and that’s what I like about it. Its fun and hardly feels like exercise. Ive recently started yoga with Twinkle Singh an shes completely changed my body. It has toned me up and stretched my muscles. There is a definite transformation. Since there is no equipment used, it is something that I can do even in my hotel room when I’m travelling so I can stay committed.”

Current Life of Zarine Khan-Her Instagram Account

Instagram is a social media platform used by enormous people and trust me, people even judge the celebrities for how many followers they have got. As for Zareen Khan’s life, she has 2.3 million people following her Instagram.


And that number increased when she came into the limelight after her inspirational body transformation. Importantly, she has entertained her followers with her weight losing journey with the full swing.

As you can see in this post where she is posing with her trainer, wishing him the very happy birthday and showing her affection for the place where she has left all of her pounds and turned into a smart diva.

And see in this post that she posted last year showing her efforts to hit her potential goal of losing weight and fitness. She has already come too far for her fitness plan and still rising like an eagle to the sky Look at her!

And here she, being featured in some local magazine, capturing its picturing and is telling the women to stop caring about what body shamers have to say about your body.

The queen is slaying!

And here she is showing up her courageous strikes to stay fit and lose weight. If you scroll down her Instagram account that you can easily find with the ‘Zareen Khan’ username, you will find not only huge bunch of motivation and tips but also the right ways and timings for what you can do at what time. She is awesome is flaunting her body in front of the camera and the magic you can see at her account as well as in her movies that are still celebrated for their amazements.

Killing the western, Asian, Punjabi, Tamil and all the looks, Zarine Khan is here after losing half of her weight from 100kg.


An astonishing fact: Did Zarine Khan Vote for Natural Weight Loss?

Being a celebrity, she is usually approached by a lot of brand’s spokepersons to use and propmote their brands. That’s how this world operates, right?

Now, one of the well-known weight losing products’owner approached Zarine Khan and praised how she had made her place in the media and how she knocked the screen alongside the one and only Salman Khan, the Bollywood Diva.

After the buttery preface, he asked Khan to use his product and that it can help her lose as many pounds as she wants just in the matter of days. Now, as celebrities have to change their boddies, appearances and identities for the sake of their varied characters, that product could have been really beneficial for her career and it could have saved her from robust workout and profound energy expenditure.

Important to note, that product presenter even offered Miss Khan huge bunch of money for using his product say in 8 figures. Can you even believe it?

Surely, a golden chance for khan!

But what did she say to him?

A plane NO.


Yes, a plane NO. She refused the quick weight losing opportunity and the money too. Because this great queen believes that what you gain without effort, you don’t value it. And if it is about weight, no matter how less you lose, it’s all about you don’t get it back. And losing even a half pound that is never going to rush back to your body is the real accomplishment in Khan’s sense.

She responded by saying that she wants to do it herself, by her very own effort, by her very own energy and that she wants to own her efforts after what she was going to transformed into.

And here she is setting the red carpets on fire with her slim waist lavished with beautiful indian sarees or western one legs and slaying like the Greek Goddess.

Look at her!


From the whole journey of Zarine Khan that she rocked with her body transformation, you can these quick tips:

> Do some workout

> Manage what you’re eating by eating less but nutritive

> Stay active during your day

> Lose weight

Summing up the whole journey in these points is not justified according to the devotion Zarine Khan has invested in it but if you are the honest follower, these points are all you need to keep in mind.

If you are a gym person, this photo posted by Zarine Khan at her instagram account is for you!

Go get it!

Media is a tricky place, where people like actors and actresses have to work for days and nights to keep themselves in the limelight. One inch away from fitness and bueaty, their career is nothing and Zarine Khan is never going to let it happen.

She is a pro and doing continuous effort to stay fit for her own sake and for her fans like us who want to look her more and more at screen.

A shout out to Miss Khan.

Final tricks you can easily follow to lose weight

Finally, I’d love to add as per the talks of Zarine Khan, don’t skip your food and eat healthy ones with more protein and fibers and less fats and carbs. And if you are going for a fatty meal, don’t forget to burn it out through workout.

Go for some exercise ranging from light moderate intense moves to high intense workout to lose weight and to stay fit.

Furthermore, working out and eating healthy is not enough. You will have to manage your routine as well. Manage your sleeping hours, your working hours and your lazy hours. Don’t just sit, watch your TV and eat your food. Work for losing it just as Zarine Khan did it.

Quoting it again,

If you lose half pound and don’t get it back, you have won.

How to lose weight is a question that different people answer differently, but the basics are same.

If you like this motivational story of Zarine Khan, don’t forget to solve the fitness and motivation problem of your friends and to share the story.

Stay healthy, stay fit, spread love, embrace the gracious mess you are and change it into gold now!

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