Habits That Might Hinder Your Fitness and Weight Losing Plan Progress

What we do in our routine doesn’t only affect how we feel, how we behave and how we think but also affect our physical health. Lazy and careless habits such as untimely eating, not washing hands before and after eating meals, drinking water always after finishing the meal, don’t sleep enough etc. can potentially lead to severe disease including insomnia, heart problems, eyesight issues, stomachaches and even breathing problems. For a healthy life, healthy lifestyle is the key. Imagine yourself sitting on the couch eating and watching the TV series all of your days or spending a lot of time at your computer. If you are this lazy, you cannot complain about your weight gain because this is you who are intentionally playing your part to make yourself uncomfortable in your shirt. Here are some habits that might hinder your fitness and weight losing plans. And we recommend you to make an effort to make a change.

Skipping breakfast

Not going for breakfast is terrible for a healthy lifestyle. You know that your mother runs after you carrying the sandwich in her hands waiting for you to eat but you are not yet done with your mascara? And here your van comes. Mark it high somewhere right before your eyes, skipping breakfast ruins stomach and health for a long time. It doesn’t only make you sleepy during your classes or work hours but also makes you eat more calories afterwards. Try to take at least 500 calories for your breakfast and prefer foods with proteins and fibers.

Not weighing yourself

Sometimes, you don’t realize that you are gaining weight until you wear your 3 months old shirt and see your belly popping out. What? Yes, you have gained weight and excessive mass but you don’t know it because you never bothered to weigh yourself. This habit is one of the basic reasons that can hinder your fitness and weight losing plans. You will need to start from the scratch now. Therefore, try to weight yourself every week of 2-3 times a month to keep a track of where your health is going.

Not having proper sleep

Spending hours on computer or phone really affect your sleeping tendencies and makes your eyes burn. It makes you unfit, in-fresh and sleepy but when you go to sleep, there is nothing but the blank vision. So, follow early to bed early to rise and make your habits good for your fitness. Make your bed, make your room dark, put away your mobile phone and have a good sleep because that will make your whole system reactivated and you will wake up to a new kingdom of freshness.

Not exposing to morning light

When you sleep late, you wake up late automatically and skip the mighty natural beauty of the morning. Studies say that exposure to morning light right after waking up is healthy for metabolism, for brain and for the fresh skin as well. So untie your curtains when you wake up early and do your activities in that light.

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