Here is How to Lose Weight in One Week at Home

If you ask yourself what do we live this life for? The first appropriate answer is ‘for yourself ‘. Well, whatever you’re living your life for, without a healthy body, you’re nothing. In this fluffy world, everybody is getting mad for slim bodies and gyms and clinics are considered best places to seek help. But my friend, nothing in this world can keep you as fit as your home. Make your home healthy.

To follow this goal you need to manage your diet and follow a healthy diet plan. And a nutritive diet plan can even help you lose 10 pounds (4.5kg) in a week. Okay, if you think it’s exaggerated because there’s no safe way to lose 10 pounds in a week but still, there are some weekly plans that can help you and your friend get slim before going to a college party or maybe a summer photo-shoot. The following recommendations for how to lose weight are tested on clients who reported positive results for the similar emergency situations. Here are some suggestions for you that you can look at to lose weight in one week at home.

Take low carb diet and more proteins

Plenty of research is supporting the idea of taking fewer carbs and more proteins in a day to lose weight. Lowering the carb intake doesn’t only help your curb your fats but also reduce your water weight. Yes, these are the carbs which hold the water. Eat fewer carbs, drink more water and take lean protein contained in green vegetables, eggs and meat. Proteins accommodate the body’s energy level by boosting up the metabolism and keep the digestion smooth.

Avoid junk food and don’t drink calories

The first thing you need to know to lose weight is to eat healthily. Drop all of the junk food options from your daily meal plans and make some sacrifice over sugary beverages. Junk food and sugary beverages offer you empty calories which fill your body unnecessarily and offer you zero nutrition. Decline these carvings now and stick to your major meals by avoiding untimely snacks. By the way, eating proteins already can do this trick for you.

Reduce your calorie intake on daily basis

Studies reveal that to lose maximum weight in one week at home you need to reduce daily calorie intake by 1000 calories. So count your calories in the whole week by using any of the calorie counting systems, stop snacking, eat vegetables and lean proteins (egg, chicken, beef, salmon).

Last but not the least, WORKOUT

To lose maximum weight in a week, synchronize your dieting efforts with cardio or aerobic exercise. Lift weights and give a boost to your metabolism and hormonal secretion. It further hits the stored carbs and fats and turns them into ashes.

Furthermore, high-intensity interval training is also gold if you give it your 10-15 minutes in all 7 days of a week.

After adding all of these things into your routine to lose weight in a week, don’t end up sleeping all day. Keep yourself active for the whole of the day and polish your weight losing efforts.

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