Control These Hormones and Lose Weight Permanently

You might have been eating weight losing diet and following a routine exercise to get fit. And it is possible that you are not seeing the results you expected. There is a fact that unless and until your internal system is not properly working, nothing is going to work for you whether you starve to death or spends your whole life into the gym. All of the body organs, their functions and chemicals which are controlling their functions should be coordinated and activated to assist your weight losing effort. Along with enzymes, acids and neurotransmitters, there are certain hormones that control the functioning of the body particularly weight controlling activities. We are going to discuss what some specific hormones do and what to do if they go out of control.


Due to the high prevalence of diabetes, you might have heard a lot about insulin. Actually, the food we eat contains energy in the form of glucose and this glucose enters our cells and blood with the help of liver secreting insulin. Insulin helps the cells to gain energy from the glucose coming from the food. But remember, if insulin is secreted even partially more, your body cells stores that glucose and turn it into fats that make you chubby.


Have you ever feel like eating, eating and eating when you are stressed? Actually, your mighty stress hormone known as cortisol drops the level of blood sugar when you are stressed and makes you eat more sugary foods such as sweets, energy beverages or ice-cream. When you eat, of course, your body compensates the level of sugar but also gains a lot of unhealthy fats. So, if you have high cortisol level, you are going to attack the bakery and going to gain weight, sadly.


Leptin is a guru for making you feel full as it is a satiety hormone. It signals to the brain that you are full and helps the brain to decide whether the body needs to burn more calories or take more of them. If leptin is low, your brain will receive the signal of excessive appetite and your glands will urge you eat lastingly more and to gain weight.

Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid hormones are secreted by the thyroid glands and control metabolism and lipolysis. Low level of thyroid hormones makes you eat more and gain weight.

How can you stop all these happening?

Just follow the healthy food routine and don’t try to skip meals. Take healthy, full of proteins and fibrous breakfast, low-calorie lunch and a small bunch of food in dinner. Drop your calorie intakes such as if you are taking 2000 calories per day, drop it to 1300 or even 1000 per day. Furthermore, try to keep a check on your insulin. Don’t run after losing weight by skipping meals because that might help you to lose weight quickly but it will not last for longer. Try to keep a healthy exercise routine including walking, jogging, and squats and even skipping 2 days a week. And yes, drink a lot of water.

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