Reasons to Use Ketogenic Diet to Lose Weight

Ketogenic Diet is a low carb and high-fat diet which is quite popular now a day. People are really trying and reporting mixed experiences with it in the quest of how to lose weight. It is not so that keto diet is going to work for everyone. There are some people who get to it easily, adopt it and live years with healthily. And there are others whose bodies quickly say NO to the ketogenic diet. The matter of concern, here, is why you should give the ketogenic diet a chance for better health, strength, and body?

I have piled up some potential reasons which can help you understand the reasons to use the ketogenic diet to lose weight and to get a better body.

It Really Helps you Lose Weight

You might think that a random person writing a blog can write whatever he wants. And then you might think that “okay, let’s suppose the plan works, but how the heck using this much fat will help you lose weight or cut the fat? This is crazy”.

Well, yes, this is crazy but this craziness worth your effort. And I’m here with evidence to prove it.

A research published in Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism did an experiment by recruiting two subject groups. Both of the groups were kept in 500-calorie deficit. One group received high carb diet while the other received low carb and high fat keto diet. Despite both groups experiencing same energy deficit, the group with keto diet showed more average weight loss than the people in another group.

The deal is fair.

It Offers Consistent Energy Level to Your Body

There are moments when you stuff yourself with so much unnecessary or wrong carbs. It can be the time of watching a movie or the real boredom when you don’t watch that you’re eating cookies, candies, cakes and so many things out of habit. This influx disturbs your metabolism and increases the blood sugar. The poor insulin takes the charge and cleans up the mess you created due to your boredom or lazy activity. Now your brain knows to use glucose as the major source of energy and this imbalance lead you to real fatigue, attention deficit, and fat deposit.

We poor souls!

But if you go for high fat and low carb diet, things get different. How? Your body knows to use fat as the source of energy and these candies and cookies cannot leave you fatigued for no reason. Your body will take fats, burn them away and make you a better person in yourself.

It improves Quality of Life

There are multiple reasons to use ketogenic diet because it

  • Helps you improve your routine
  • Keeps you away from diseases like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, low LDL, high sugar level etc
  • Helps to avoid abdominal obesity
  • Saves you from diabetes and stroke

How You Can Start it

Before putting Keto diet into practice, you need to know pros and cons of it. Now, you know the reasons to use ketogenic diet to lose weight or for the healthy life. You can choose your way in the pursuit of how to lose weight. Keep your plan up-to-date and beat it.

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