Research Says Low-Fat diet can kill you

A major study has recently revealed that low-fat diet can increase the risk of early death by one quarter.

The Lancet study which volunteered 135,000 adults concluded that people who reduce fat intake have way shorter live spans than those who consume plenty of it in the form of meat, butter, and cheese. This study was conducted at the odds with the previous theories of cutting down fats to stay healthy and live longer. But this study has turned the course of diet plans around.

Researchers say people who avoid fats live on too much turgid food such as rice, pasta, bread etc. and miss out various essential nutrients.

In this study, people who took higher levels of carbohydrates in the form of processed meals and drinks had 28% higher risk of early death than those who lived on the low-carb diet.

The previous NHS study suggested taking too much of the saturated fat raises the blood cholesterol level and eventually leads to chronic heart diseases. While the recent research presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona reported people who take less saturated fats have 13% more chances of early death than those who take plenty of fats. And that consuming more saturated fat increases the mortality by 23%.

Research in Canada

Canadian researchers expanded their study over 18 countries and explored how saturated fat consumption affects the mortality. While talking about the finding Dr Andrew Mente from McMaster University commented, “Our data suggests that low-fat diets put populations at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.”

“Loosening the restriction on total fat and saturated fat and imposing limits on carbohydrates when high to reduce intake to moderate levels would be optimal.”

He valued fats saying around 35% of the major calories must be coming from fats and that achieving an accurate balance of carbs and fats is like finding a sweet spot that proves best for health.

NHS still believes heightened fats consumption causes heart diseases and we you must take least fatty foods to save your heart but recent researchers are taking an abrupt U-turn at this part of the century.

NHS guidance suggests men and women take no more than 30g and 20g of fats respectively that they mostly receive from animal products such as red meat, butter, and cheese. Not only this, research published by Public Health England also suggested increased consumption of carbs in the diet with Dr Mashid Dehghan explaining their findings as: “A high carbohydrate diet – greater than 60% of energy – is associated with higher risks of mortality.”

He further commented high saturated fat consumption, however, is associated with low chances of mortality. He said diet is not only related to heart diseases but also promotes the onset of disorders like respiratory diseases, cancer, and dementia.

But recent studies backing the idea of using higher fats proportion have turned the approach towards diet entirely. Dr Aseem Malhotra, the Consultant cardiologist said this was the time for a complete U-turn to the approach to diet and demonization of fats in the United Kingdom.

He said that sooner we accept the new changes, sooner we would be able to fix our issues with obesity and diabetes along with other diet-related problems.

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