Low-Carb Pancakes for the Ketogenic Diet

Weight loss isn’t tough if you make the right decision at the right time. But again, there is no time to come back home! I have seen people of age 70 and above struggling to get fit and live a happy life so who are you to deny the fact that you can lose weight now? There are certain new tricks available that can help you lose weight, stay fit and look the way you want to. Have you heard of the ketogenic diet?

It is a low-carb and high-fat diet intending to cut fats with fats as iron with iron.

Low carbs and a ketogenic diet is an amazing choice for those who intend to lose weight gradually but permanently. If you are really planning a low carb diet for burning fats and make your body healthy, you seem very smart and updated because ketogenic is what in trend now.

Today I have a recipe for low carb pancakes, a ketogenic diet, that can really help you with keto snacking whenever you want.

Pancakes are women’s favourite

Usually, women are very conscious about their health. And many of them are trying to adhere the ketogenic diet to gain their fitness goals. To follow the royal ketogenic diet, they travel according to the set of ketogenic rules and do proper breakfast, lunch, snacking and dinner with the proper proportion of fats and carbs. If you talk about breakfast, pancakes are my favourite (Are they your favourite too? If yes, you’re at right place)

If you know, how to make traditional banana pancakes, to make it low carb full of ketogenic, you just have to have made slight changes. After knowing what keto is, you might already have guessed what you need to add and what to subtract, eh?


Here, eggs would be used as a binder while bananas are replaced by cheese because they possess too many carbs and liquid stevia. Some people may suggest you add cinnamon or vanilla extract but be mindful of their high carbs. Just refrigerate them in the night and heat them up in the morning. This simple recipe can make enough cakes for you to take healthy breakfast for some days.

What to add?

  • Pastured butter
  • 4 organic pastured eggs
  • 5 drops of liquid stevia
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 4 pounds of organic cream cheese


What to do?

  • Put all the ingredients into blender and blend unless it becomes smooth and equal
  • Pour it into your frying pan directly
  • Cook until even bubbles appear across pan and cook another side of cakes as well
  • Remove pancake from pan, place it on plates and top them with butter

The low-carb and moderately higher-fat pancakes are ready to eat.

These are very swift and easy to make, perfect to taste and beautiful to shape. Giving you the delighted sugary bites, these pancakes prevent any addition to your body mass and keep a stuff your stomach with one sitting.

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