Walking Plan to Lose Weight and to get Toned Body-WOW Program

Walking is what we humans get familiar to in early infancy and we keep on walking till our death. At least it was so for centuries until some previous years. Walking was the only source to reach from one place to other in the search for food, shelter or any destination in life. But this technology and modern transportation system have altered the course of life and the way this world is operating. People are not using their feet much, they are not walking to get their chores done and they are getting too obese to be carried by their own feet. People sit idly, get their food while sitting, eat it, spend hours sitting again and then complain about being fast.

That’s a summed up story of most of the people who complain about their obesity and want to do nothing for it. If you’re one of them, you might not want to skip meals, you might not want to join the gym or some yoga classes and still, you might want to lose weight. Yes, it happens but there is an easy way out if you just grab some courage to leave your couch for a while. You can just walk at a brisk pace and lose weight on the long-term basis.

Even there is a program named as Walk off Weight (WOW) Program that helps you plan your walking routine to lose weight and to get a toned body.

What is this WOW Program about?

This program basically depends upon walking and burning maximum fats. But it also involves some cardio workout and a smooth diet plan to enhance the effects of walking to lose weight and to get the toned body.

All you will need is a pair of nice walking shoes, a medium weight elastic resistance and a sports watch with the interval timer that will help you to keep a check on your workout. You will be walking and doi3ng simple strength workouts 6 days a week for four weeks.

Your diet plan will let you take only 1600 calories a day covering whole foods with proper proteins, carbs and other nutrients coupled with 3 cups of green tea to curb more fats and to get a flat belly.

The Plus Point

The plus point of this walking program is that it will help you lose weight three times faster than the normal walking. Because it involves proper diet plan and synchronizing of walking with strength training for 6 days a week that takes the walking alone to a completely different and high level for weight loss. 4 weeks practice and you are done with your initial weight loss. After that, you can alter your body as per your choice such as muscle building.

The Process of the Walk of the Weight Program

The process involves several steps moving from fat-curbing interval walks which will allow you to walk at the faster pace but for a short period of time, and then you’ll slow down for a while to get the energy. In next steps, you will do some toning exercise and walk to make your upper body firm and toned and it will take you to strength workout to boost your metabolism. And now you will do slow, long and steady pace walk to burn more calories than you consume per day and to lose weight.

This process continues for six weeks and allows you to start your weight loss journey in a royal way and you can take the turn to whichever side you want. If you will keep walking and keep eating healthily, you will maintain your body weight and even lose it with your efforts but if you’ll get back to your previous routines, you’ll surely get back to your previous fat body too.

So, it’s up to you, whether you want to try WOW Program or you want to lay back on your couch enjoying your obesity.

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