Complete Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Complete Meal Plan to Lose Weight

A huge part of losing weight is believing that you can do it and be realizing it’s not going to happen overnight.

Let’s just be honest, there is no short cut to weight loss no matter how hard you try on tricky supplements and weight losing products. The sustainability will be achieved only by your real effort in your real routine and otherwise will lead you nowhere. The prevalence of body weight has been reported to be increased by 1980s in the US as mentioned in the research publisd by the The American Journal of Epidemiology. The weight gain was increased by five points from 1985 through 1996. Since those days, the prevalence of weight gain was increased markedly and the prevalence of severe obesity was doubled in all genders as reported by the research.
Furthermore, a research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine  says that more than 1/3rd of American considers them as overweight but even less than 2/3 of these people try to lose weight. Similarly, almost 4% of the self-perceived underweight persons and 11.4% of the people who just think their weight to be right are also striving to lose weight (bizarre!) and most of them who are trying to lose weight are choosing to eat less, doing more physical activity or the combination of these two methods.
This world full of weight conscious people has gone crazy and we are also among them with slightly different wishes, priorities but 100% similar goals of being healthy and to look better. Does that make sense?
Of course, yes.
So, are you one of those people who is striving to lose a few pounds or the huge bunch of mass? Or the one who just want to manage the routine healthily for a better life? Or the one who is confused about what is happening to your body and what you need to do with it? Or are you the one who just lacks motivation? If yes, you are at the right place to find the whole package of help under the one title of ‘How to Lose Weight’.

What’s Your Priority for Meal Plan to Lose Weight?

Well, guys can we settle down at the question that if you’d have the choice to plan your meals to lose weight, what would be your priorities? As per my understanding, you might want to make dieting less boring with reduced binging offering you some free time for your favorite food without the fear of gaining the lost fats back. If that’s what excites you, we’ve already planned all the nutritive routine that you can follow without any fear of consuming many calories and gaining any weight. All you’ll be involved in is the fats burning process. And a trick of reduced calorie intake then you’re burning out, fewer fats, proteins, fibers and carbs in the food can solve the issue of weight loss within 5-6 meals per day.

Just have some patience as everything is discussed in detail with proper references deep down in this article.
As we’re going to lead you towards a foodie weight losing plan, you might think that can food help you lose weight? Or it is just a myth. Therefore, before leading you to the actual plan, we need to assure you that it really works.

What Does Science Say about Food as A Source of Weight Loss?

As iron cuts the iron similarly the food which is claimed to add weight to your body actually works against your that weight and helps you gain slim belly, nice ass and fine weight. Complete Package!
And science is not keeping itself back at this important point regarding health. Since the first medical discovery, scientists are all set to dig the fitness plans deeper to exhibit best and nutritive options for the public. And now, with the increased weight gain prevalence, the research has caught fire and important publications are made every now and then with proper experimentation throughout the globe to serve this fluffy obese humanity.

Such as a research published at NCBI says that managing your calorie intake as well as your portion size can largely help you burn the fats and lose weight as quickly as possible.
Similarly, the researcher of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also put forward the idea that diet with low carbs and low fats help you burn as many fats as an aerobic plan does.

More of, the researchers of the JAMA network directly involved obese women participant and offer low-carb and high protein diet to one group and supplement diet to the other group and the 12 months based long-term study revealed that women who were taking low-carb, high protein and fibrous diet lost more weight and maintained the same body weight for longer than the other ones. The researchers closed up their study by recommending low-carb and high protein diet as the best options for natural and long lasting weight loss.
I hope these research evidence are enough to motivate you to choose food for your weight loss over all other verbalizing supplementary effects which has no practical and experimental basis.
REMINDER: Don’t forget that after eating, your body needs some physical activity and simple cardio, weight lifting or some planned strength training can be an immense booster. We’re going to discuss the right type of exercises as per you need at the end of this article that you can couple with your diet plan accordingly but let’s start eating first. Activity is the second thing, eh?

Limited diet plan

To stay healthily alive it is said that you should minimally take 1200 calories per day. Limiting your calorie intake down from 1200 can cause severe damages to the health. If we take a look at the diet chart and nutritionists guide, they also say that 1200 calorie is enough to keep you going actively during the day without causing any mishap.
As Lid Weinandy from the Wexner Medical Centre of Ohio State University say that

1200-calorie diets are great for the right person, especially women over 50 who are generally sedentary since that’s not too fat below what they would normally eat to maintain weight”.

From this statement, it is obvious that this 1200 calorie idea is more suitable for women but not only the aged ones but also the younger ones who are dealing obesity. Men are stronger with bigger bodies and more muscles; therefore, they need more energy and more food to fill up that energy level. Generally, it is believed that for men, the healthy calorie intake is 1400-1600 calories per day.
According to research on the women diet, it is revealed that taking 1200 calorie diet can help you lose 2-3 pounds a week depending upon your very own efforts.
The truth behind 1200 calorie consumption is that it is the safest lower level to reach while limiting your 500 calories each day to finally adopt 1200 calorie lifestyle. This diet helps you to gradually lower your calorie intake from 2500 or 2000 to 1200 safely.

REMINDER: There are some foods which solely cover 1200 calories in some restaurants menus and might be at your home too. So, being careful in choosing right food at the right time can robustly help you to stay fit and lose weight because you need to divide your whole 1200 calories diet plan into 3-45 meals covering three squares and two snacks or as per your choice.

Consume fewer calories than you’re burning out.

This is the simplest trick to follow while planning for some diet to lose weight. And according to expert, you can only lower your calories intake to 1200 per day because any further steps down can lead you to severe consequences.

“It is not recommended that a person goes under 1200 calories a day, since, it is very hard to get enough nutrients like calcium, protein, and magnesium on a calorie level less than 1200”, says Weinandy.

I think that resolves the issue because having necessary nutrients is essential for your daily activity as otherwise, you can experience dizziness, nausea, hair fall, unconsciousness and severe cardiovascular diseases.

How to Improve Weight Loss with 1200 Calorie Diet Plan?

You can combine the 1200 calories diet plan with some light cardio or some suggested aerobic exercise. Coupling healthy food intake with right exercise is the best thing that you might do to your body in order to lose more weight. Just make sure that you are staying healthily hydrated and taking right meals at the right time and the weight loss is yours.

Does it help to maintain the weight?

It helps you maintain your body weight if you maintain your weight losing efforts by eating healthily and by doing some robust workout. Just keep in mind that if you violate the routine of 1200 calories and raise them to some extent by eating your favorite pizza or pasta, don’t forget to burn those extra calories out. And that’s what can help you maintain your body weight. Well, that’s the second option and we are going to discuss the exercise for weight loss at the end. Deal?

Let’s discuss what you can eat for your meal plan rotating around the holy 1200 calories. (Don’t worry we have plans for your cheat diet too that you can hit somewhere between the boring weight losing plan but still, trust me it is not that boring. It is quite crispy to me).

Let’s Celebrate the Breakfast

All of the following breakfast options are healthy, full of nutrition and energy you require for a better life and to lose weight fats making this complete  diet plan for weight loss perfect.

REMINDER: A healthy proportion of protein, fiber and water and quite limited proportion of fats and carbs in your diet can robustly help you lose weight. If you want to know how, switch to the lower edges of this article but I’d like to mention that all of these mentioned recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking meets up to the required level of all the nutrition and energy that even saves you from the tricky statistics of calories, proteins and fibers. Happy eating!

1-Apricot Ricotta breakfast sundae: You can make this amazing breakfast bites by brewing 1 cup ricotta cheese, 3-4 finely chopped apricot and ½ tablespoon agave nectar. Here the luscious cuisine is done for your 300 calories breakfast. (I don’t compromise on the taste even when telling someone else what to eat).

2-Egg Scrambled
Eggs being the awesome source of full-packaged nutrition can provide you with an appealing bite with whole wheat bagel thin, 6-ounce vegetable juice (low in sodium) and 1 turkey sausage.

3-Apple Quesadilla and Peanut butter
1 tablespoon peanut butter mixed synchronized with 1 slice organic apple and 8” whole wheat tortilla can solve your issue of tasty and weight losing friendly breakfast.
4-Toasted Oat Cereal
Take 1 cup milk with 1 tablespoon finely chopped walnuts and 2 tablespoon cherries and add it to the oat cereal. Simple to make delicious to take!
5-The Bran Flakes
Have you tried them? If yes, they are the best for your weight losing friendly breakfast and if not, what are you waiting for? Go grab ¾ cup blueberries, 1 cup milk and 1 cup bran flakes to beat the barriers of boredom.
6-Strawberry French toast
This great deal can be served with one whole bread slice dipped into finely beaten egg and then cooked into 1 teaspoon butter combined with 1 cup strawberries. What a delightfully good morning it is!
Take 1 olive oil fried egg, 1 ounce Canadian Bacon, 1 whole wheat muffin and 2 slice tomato to put this awesome sandwich on your plate. Have a wonderful morning.
8-Maple Almond Oatmeal
1 cup of cooked oatmeal with 2 tsp. maple syrup and 1 tbsp. almond butter can seal the deal for this weight losing friendly breakfast. (Ohh the Almond Butter!!)
9-Bacon and Pancakes
½ finely sliced banana, 1 tsp. honey and 2 turkey bacon slices with 2 frozen pancakes are the better option for you than just skipping the breakfast.
How can you forget smoothies while considering 300 calorie breakfast plans? They make best and tasty delights. You can check the Smoothies that help you lose weight for a detailed guide. But for handy options, you can blend the 1 cup peaches, ½ banana, 1 cup plain yogurt and ½ cup orange juice with a pinch of nutmeg.
11-Sunflower pear waffle
A breakfast with the pleasant taste and appetizing name! You can brew 1 sliced pear and 1 whole grain frozen waffle with 1 tbsp. sunflower butter (full of proteins) to try this out for your weight losing friendly routine.
12-Huevos Rancheros
¼ cup salsa, ½ cup black beans, ¼ cup plain Greek yogurt, 3 egg whites fried in olive oil and 6” corn tortilla will be offering you a complete delicious bite of Huevos Rancheros which contains 300 calories in its one serving making your weight losing journey more easy and smooth.
13-Yogurt Parfaits
1 diced nectarine, 1 tsp. honey, 8 ounces plain Greek Yogurt and 3 tbsp. sliced almonds are perfect for this nutritive Parfaits.
14-Salmon Roll Up
Salmon? Yayy, the full package of nutrition and energy!
Just twist 1 tbsp. whipped cream cheese, 8” whole-wheat tortilla, ½ ounce smoked salmon and 1 sliced scallion can seal the deal for you.
So, we are done with 14 delicious, nutritive, energetic, and easy to make and weight loss friendly breakfast options that you can try for a whole month even a year alternatively. If you have some other weight losing friendly breakfast suggestions, don’t forget to share it with us.
For further details, read Breakfasts that Can Help You Lose Weight.
Let’s strike the lunch ideas and move to snacking? (How can you even imagine your day without snacking? Don’t worry, we have mended everything accordingly with some secret cheats. Just hold on *wink*.

REMINDER: A research published at NCBI recommends 5-6 meals a day covering three square meals with 2-3 snacks. That should be covering the mighty weight losing friendly 1200-1400 calorie diet plan with slight flexibility.


The beauty of these lunch suggestions is that they are all super crispy, delicious, nutritive, hunger repelling, appetizing, easy to make and weight loss friendly with only 400 calories each. And this claim is true because while ordering in a lavish restaurant, you might see 2000 calories in your one serving even skipping the sugary beverages. If something this tasty is offering you only 400 calories with proper proteins, fibers, water and healthy fats, what else you should go for?

1-Blue Cheese Chicken Pita
½ cup shredded romaine lettuce, ½ cup finely shredded skinless chicken breast, ¼ cup sliced celery, 1/2 cup shredded carrots, 6” whole-wheat pita and 1 peach dressed with 1 tbsp. light blue cheese dressing offers this awesome delight of cheese chicken pita at the lunch break.

2-Veggie Jack Burger
I’ve always been fond of burgers in lunch. What the luscious bites they make and the way they boost the energy to get back to work at my workplace is all I fancy about them. You can resolve this nutritive issue by utilizing veggie burger with 1 tbsp. barbeque sauce, 1-ounce Monetary Jack Cheese, slices of lettuce and tomato and the whole-wheat hamburger bun.

3-Black Bean Soup
2 tsp. red wine vinegar, ½ cup corn niblets, ½ cup black beans, 1 tomato, ½ yellow bell pepper, 2 tbsp. onions, 15 tortilla chips and 1 ½ cups chilled tomato soup or vegetable juice (low sodium) can be mixed together finely to make delicious lunch servings to save yourself from the work fatigue.

4-Swiss Turkey Burger
Again one more amazing burger utilizing the 1 thin slice Swiss cheese, 4-ounce lean turkey patty, 1 tbsp. barbeque sauce, tomato, onion, lettuce slices and whole-wheat hamburger bun treats you well in the lunch break offering you only 400 calories which are really weight loss friendly, eh?

5-Chicken Cheddar Sandwich
1 ounce sliced cheddar, 3 ounces grilled chicken, 1 tbsp. mayo, lettuce and tomato slices and here you’re done with the sandwich with everything stuffed within whole-wheat sandwich thin.

6-Grilled Shrimp Caesar
10 large grilled shrimp coupled with 3 cups romaine lettuce, 2 tbsp. Caesar dressing, 12 whole-wheat pita chips and 1 tbsp. grated parmesan happens to be offering you fine serving helping you gain comparatively slim waist.

7-Mediterranean Tuna Wrap
Tura along with salmon is the queen of healthy meals that provide you with the huge yet complete package of nutrition, energy and taste. 3-ounce water packed tuna, 1 tsp. capers, 1 tbsp. olive oil, 1 tsp. red wine vinegar, 3 chopped Kalamata olives, 2 tbsp. finely chopped onions and 8” whole-wheat tortilla can turn tuna into the foodish goddess that you can feast upon in your lunch break. Don’t forget to couple the delight with one organic apple or apple juice. You can bake it at home or can order it at your favorite restaurant.

8-Pasta Salad

2 ounce whole-wheat penne pasta which should be cooked, cooled and refrigerated, 1 ounce skim mozzarella, 2 cherry tomatoes, ¼ diced yellow pepper, 2 fresh basil leaves and2 tbsp. Italian vinaigrette dressing can seal the deal for this pound shedding lunch suggestion.

9-Couscous and Chickpeas
½ cup whole wheat couscous, ½ cup diced tomato, 1 tbsp. fresh basil, ¾ cup chickpeas, ½ cup diced cucumber and 2 tbsp. crumbled feta is all waiting for you to knock your forks on.
This is super tasty, trust me.
1 slice cheese pizza with 1 tbsp. balsamic vinaigrette and 2 cups tossed salad make the unsurpassed lunch serving.

10-Asian Spinach Salad
3 cup baby spinach, ½ chopped apple, ½ cup skinless rotisserie chicken breast, ¼ cup shelled edamame, 2 tbsp. Asian vinaigrette and ½ cup chopped carrots are here to put a superlative feat forward.

11-Roasted Beef Horseradish Sandwich
Tricky, eh? But 2 ounce lean roasted beef, 2 slices rye bread, ½ cup coleslaw, lettuce and tomato, ¼ tsp. horseradish and 1 tbsp. reduced fat canola mayo can help you deal with it.

12-Cheese Quesadilla
Two 8” whole-wheat tortillas, 2 tbsp. Greek yogurt ad ¼ cup reduced fat shredded cheddar which should be cooked in nonfat cooking oil are sealing the deal for your lunch break.
Here we are done with lunch options that offer you complete bunch of proteins, fibers, water, unsaturated fats, healthy cholesterol and low carbs that are the perfect match for your weight losing journey.

Here we have dinner options that you can try at home or order at your favorite place. If you are going to choose something else, ensure that you are not taking more than 500 calories.

Dinner Ideas

The elite thing about these dinner ideas is that all of these suggestions cover only 500 calories that are most recommended number of calories.

1-Lemon Pasta with Salmon and Asparagus
2 ounce grilled salmon with 1 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp. lemon juice, 1 cup chopped asparagus. 1 tbsp. fresh basil and 2-ounce whole-wheat penne are all that you need to brew this pasta for a healthy dinner delight.

2-Lean Sirloin Steak
2 tbsp. nonfat Greek yogurt, ½ baked potato, 2 cup mushrooms grilled with olive oil can seal the deal for this nutritive steak that is completely weight loss friendly.
Remember it from lunch options? Repeat the same recipe on some other day alternatively and hit your taste buds with something awesome.

3-Mexican Burrito Bowl
½ cup cooked rice, ½ cup grilled vegetables cooked with olive oil spray (vegetables of your choice), ¼ cup corn salsa, ½ cup shredded lettuce, 1.2 cup beans and ¼ cup guacamole is all that you should have handily to prepare this fats burning cuisine for your quest for how to lose weight.

4-Italian Tilapia
6-ounce tilapia baked with 1 cup canned slice tomatoes, 1 tsp. olive oil, 1/3 cup whole-wheat couscous, 4 chopped green olives and finally the slight sprinkle of Italian seasoning can help you scramble this amazing Italian Tilapia.

5-Feta and Pasta with Cannellini
¾ cup cannellini beans, 2-ounce whole-wheat pasta (cooked), 1 cup finely chopped fresh tomatoes, 1 tbsp. fresh basil, 2 tsp. olive oil and 1 tbsp. crumbled Feta serves you quickly with delicious dinner bites that are not only nutritive but also help you crave less food and take fewer calories than you’re taking in.

6-Fried Chicken
4-ounce boneless and skinless chicken breast strips, 2 tbsp. peanut oil with ½ cup cooked brown rice, 2 cup broccoli florets and 1 sliced scallions are the ingredients of this stir-fried chicken offering you nutritive bites in less time and more benefits.

7-Spaghetti and meatballs
2-ounce whole-wheat spaghetti, ½ cup marinara sauce, 3 turkey meatballs, 2 cups tossed salad and 1 tbsp. Italian vinaigrette is all that you need for this globally famous cuisine.

8-Tuna Steak
Again the holy tuna fish is in the game to strike your boredom and taste constraints. 2 cups broccoli fried in peanut oil, ½ cups cooked brown rice with 5-ounce tuna steak can serve you with the best.

9-Portobello burger Parmigianino
¼ cup marinara sauce, 1 Portobello mushroom cap fried lightly in the olive oil, boiled or grilled, 1-ounce partly skimmed mozzarella, ½ romaine lettuce heart, 1 tbsp. balsamic vinaigrette, 1 large sliced tomato, fresh basil and whole-wheat hamburger is all that you will be needing for this.

10-Summer Turkey
1 cup summer chili, 2-ounce lean ground turkey breast cooked in 1 tsp. olive oil, ½ cup canned white beans, ¼ cup chopped potatoes, ½ cup cooked brown rice, ½ cup corn niblets, hot sauce and ½ cup diced tomatoes can be twisted to offer you these beautiful delights.

The superlative option for dinner is BBQ and who can deny this fact?
Just 4 ounce grilled skinless chicken breast basted with 1 tbsp. barbeque sauce and 1 ear corn served with 1/ cup potato salad make the delicious single serving.

12-Chicken and Spanish Pasta
2-ounce whole-wheat finely cooked pasta, ½ cup shredded skinless rotisserie chicken breast, 1 cup baby spinach, 1 tbsp. olive oil, 1 clove garlic (grilled in olive oil) and 1 tbsp. Parmesan can seal the deal for this awesome dinner option for you.

These grand dinner options contain 500 calories each adding to your overall per-day meal plan and takes quite less time in making. If you have other healthy, nutritive, energetic and metabolism boosting suggestions for dinner to pursue the quest of how to lose weight, don’t forget to share them with us.

For further details check:
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Complete Diet Plan for Women to lose weight.

Snacking is Life

Now, nobody including me wants to spend the whole day over 3 meals no matter how delicious and exciting they are. Snacking is the must and surviving without it is just nothing less than a challenge.

Furthermore, it is often believed that if we have healthy and nutritive breakfast in the morning which is full of proteins and fibers and offering us a good hydration level, we usually don’t feel like eating until the afternoon. But still, eating habits and foodie nature cannot leave us so early and to skip it miles away, we need to start from somewhere and the best thing to do it to manage the snacks healthily. Just like, if you’re taking snacks every 2 hours, reduce them to 3 times a day only and when you’re done with this task, the next weight losing goals will be easy to achieve.

So there are some nutritive and balanced snacks available that you can easily make at home, pack for your university or workplace. So, ladies and gentlemen, make some notes and get ready to lose your massive fats only with this simple alteration in diet.

1-Tomato toast with Macadamia Ricotta
Whole grain bread crowned with homemade macadamia ricotta cheese with basil, shiso, salt and pepper glaze topped with the fresh organic tomato slices offers you the perfect combination of taste and nutrition making it a best of the healthy and controlled snacks that you can try between your breakfast and lunch and it can help you boost your metabolism more robustly and to help you turn more fats into energy.

2-Chia Porridge
Proteins in the appetizing bites of fruits mixed with milk cooked quinoa topped with some sweet zings swap the cereals from the snacking options. Lysine, an important amino acid also makes this quinoa and chia porridge fine for tissue growth and repair. Furthermore, it takes no more time than adding the ingredients into a bowl and enjoying the feast anytime. Easy to make and luscious to take this snack is also a good option for regulating your ‘how to lose weight’ routine.

3-Fruit bowl
Desserts (not too sugary ones) also make healthy snacks and hot fruit bowl is already superlative. Just fill the oven with the bowl of berry blend having the dark chocolate topping and a cup of milk and here go the luscious mouthwatering bites for the refreshing midday delight.

REMINDER: You must notice that these snacks are a bit (not much) heavy and you might not need any of them if you are taking 400-500 calories in the morning. But still, if you manage to have these snacks into your 1400 calories diet, these are the best options for you. These are also important for those ladies who are trying to limit their calories from 3000-4000 to 1400-1500. This struggle is real and we really don’t want to drop them instantly. These snacks can help you drop 500 calories every day.

4-Egg Muffins
Egg muffins? Yes, but without the sugar addition. Whisk the eggs (spare the yolk) by enriching it with bacon, the sprinkle of cheese, spinach and some spices and pour the mixture into tins. Bake it properly and have it for synchronizing the craving with a super delicious serving.

5-Banana Smoothie
How can you ignore smoothies while considering healthy snacks ideas? Take some frozen bananas, soy milk, yogurt, honey, peanut butter and ice cubes and blend them well. Not only for snacking but this peanut butter banana smoothie makes the best breakfast. Additionally, you can top it with some chocolate or vanilla too if you want and help your body weight something really nutritive yet engulf (extra fats).

6-Berry Parfait
Easy to make, healthy to take the fruit and yogurt mixture behaves like the goddess anytime you take it. Offering you a freehand for managing the calorie and protein intake this parfait let you choose your favourite topping and help you ignite the fat burning engine following the robustly working metabolism and energy production.

Done with the snacking? Now you can do your chores at ease without worrying about you’ve not eaten for a while (I do this because I just can’t stop eating and all I do is to manage it with these snacks). Thanks to God for creating such an amazing world full of things to eat. But fitness is what God wants us to work for.
So, let’s eat I mean let’s work to lose weight.
Cheat the Diet
Now, after one week of 2-3 snacks with whole meals which contain limited calories, let’s have some fun at the weekend. To use this awesome opportunity of cheat the diet, you can take an extra snack of your own choice. Have some healthy pizza or tacos that you love and enjoy the weekend. But still, you should be careful about choosing sugary drinks and heavy fatty foods.
When you have already set your eating routine and habits, it is the right time to get indulged in some exercise.Are you ready for it?

Exercises to Couple with Healthy Diet

Combining your healthy diet with healthy physical activity is the best natural option to lose weight. It will boost the effects of your diet as well as make you fresh and slim than ever. Furthermore, to stay active and fit during the day, physical activity is the best choice you can go for. And body weight exercise devours your that body weight as resistance you want to lose providing you with eminent weight losing opportunities.

These are the fitness training that don’t require any equipment and you can get into shape without spending your heavy hours at the gym or by skipping meals in routine. High-intensity circuit training workout holds the specification of being highly quick, so quick that it takes your only 30 minutes a day and you are done for 24 hours. There are scientific evidence of losing weight and getting fit without using training equipment but only if you know how to do it right. There are highly recommended, concerned and safe suggested exercises that can help you get in shape quickly. Give it a go!

As in the push-ups place your hands right under your shoulder but you can widen them slightly apart. Keep your body straight from your head to your toes though your back and thighs. Now, squeeze your butts, tighten up your core and dart the chin. Leave it there if you suffer and feel pain and if you are doing it right still, hold the position for a little while.

2-Push Ups
You can start push-ups with knees and then with toes for better practice. Just keep your hands under your shoulders with your feet knees-width apart, your back and thighs in the straight line and stay in a plank position. Keep your neck static and as you lower your body, keep your elbows out and levelled.

3-Spider Lunge
Begin as with push-ups and keep your body straight. Now bring your right foot out of your right side and stretch it towards your right hand. Take your foot back at the starting position and repeat the process by staying in a contact plank state.

4-Glute Bridge
For Glute Bridge to get into shape quickly, lay on the floor with your feet flat toes pointing forward and knees bent. Now, contract your abs and lift your hips off the floor with the help of your heels pushing outward. Make it sure that you don’t stop contracting your abs while pushing your hips off the ground and do it right.

Keep your feet shoulder or hip width away and your toes outward while fixing your feet firmly on the floor. Keep your chest and eye level straight and squat down as low as possible. Don’t bend your back and don’t try to lift your heels or toes of the ground and keep squatting.

6-Squat Jump
Begin as with the simple squats by keeping your feet hip-width apart, your back straight and your arms out. Squat down until your hips are parallel to the floor and now, jump as high as you can. Don’t forget to exhale during the jump and come back softly. Repeat it.

7-Side lunge
Stand straight, keep your fists together and back straight. Now shift your weight through mid-foot and heel and plunge as low as your body allows. Make it sure that your knees don’t move past your toes.
These 7 exercises are the cores of all other potential workouts offered for the queries of how to lose weight. First go with them individually and get in shape quickly.

What Can You Do More to Maintain the Weight Loss?

There are things that you can alter a little to boost the effects of your weight losing efforts. Research says that daily habits have a lot to do with weight loss and here I’m going to discuss some habits that can add potential strength to your weight losing journey.

Sleep Well
The sleeping cycle is not only important for our activity during the day but it also hits our brain, muscles and every single cell of our body. During sleep, all of our function run smoothly and gain much time to regulate themselves. Therefore, you must take 7-8 hours of sleep in a dark room. Don’t sleep too much or too little. A balance in everything is the only key to success no matter if it is the weight loss.

Don’t Sit Too Much
Try to engage yourself in as much as the activity as possible. Joining clubs, yoga training, gym or any other community can help you not only with weight loss but also with social interaction and self-confidence boosting.

Listen to your  favorite tunes
Some music like Shape of You by Ed Sheeran can actually help you feel more positive and challenging towards your body. This is not only a verbalization because some British scientists have already amazed the world with their discovery that good music helps you feel more energetic and assist you to run more than non-music workouts. Yes, that’s the reason all the gym instructors play some really optional and attractive music.

Play the smells
That’s one of the exciting things about all of these fats burners that smell and scents can also play the same role. According to the publication of the Smell and Test Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago people who take in the buttered-popcorn and strawberry smell have positive effects on the fats and calorie down side as compared to the people who smell other ordinary or neutral scents. That’s a different fat burner but it is interesting and easy to apply.

Set your posture

This is just a slight change in your routine that can help you significantly with the belly fats that if grown abnormally can hit your overall health badly. Therefore, sit straight on your chair or any sitting place and try to keep your shoulders wide and neck high with your back straight while walking. That will prevent the growth of folds at your belly and will assist the less accumulation of fats around your organs at the midsection area.

At the end, I’d like to say that weight loss is different for different people having different reasons at the background. Some have diet issues, some have motivation issues, some don’t even know they are gaining weight and some are just diabetic or suffering from other diseases making them gain fats and accumulate more mass.

Therefore, first look at the stage you are at and then go for the right plan to lose weight. But here the exciting thing is that no matter what is the reason behind your weight gain, this diet plan can help you in all possible ways. More of, if you are not that chubby and just want to eat healthily and look great, this meal plan is also for you. Keep reading and don’t forget to share it with your friends who need it the most.

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