Does Your Stomach Really Get Flat When You Skip Meals?

Skipping meals is what comes to our mind when we are asked to shed some pounds or to lose some weights. And we really rush to it without even giving it a thought. It is a fact that food is something that can help you lose weight even when it’s something that makes you chubby. But all you need to do is to regulate it. Skipping it wholly is something different.

But the question of fact is that if you really skip your meals, does your stomach really shrinks? Do you really lose weight? Does your stomach really flat itself? The answers can vary. But understanding the functioning of the stomach might help you.

How Stomach Functions?

Dr Kyle Staller holds the idea that stomach is an organ that’s made to stretch. He says that when you put your meal in, that doesn’t directly go to the middle big bag portion of your stomach but goes to the upper part of it called fundus. This part of the stomach is more stretchable and it will stretch as much as you want it. It will keep expanding if you keep putting the bites in but different people have fundus with varying thresholds. Just like some people can take more food in than others. For instance competitive eaters and normal people. And that’s the reason behind why you always have some room for desserts but not for whole food entrée.

There is another fact that he talked about and that says when you eat a lot, your stomach really gets back to the normal size after almost four hours after shifting the food to the small intestine. And you stay in the previous shape. But when you hit the stomach with a lot of food repetitively in short times, it gets confused and signals to the brain that it needs to be fixed. And that point your stomach might agree to be fed with a lot of food all the time and it will give you enough space. Similarly, if you’re eating less for 10 to 15 days your stomach will again signal to the brain saying that “let’s fix the capacity here”. And you will see that you feel full after eating comparatively less food. So, if you skip meals t doesn’t get fixed to a place forever and of course, you can’t skip your meals for your whole life. Can you?

So just regulate your food intake (don’t each too much or too less) and help your stomach to expect fewer bites. But remember that your stomach is always stretchable and it’s in your hand. You can keep an eye on cheat bites and in that case, your fundus will always offer you some space to enjoy your day.

Don’t skip meals for life; instead, try intermittent fasting and your body will be in shape. Wanna try? Let’s start eating then!


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