Consider These Options before You Spend $26,000 on Your Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery often known as Bariatric surgery is considered quite successful nowadays. Due to the terrible increase in obesity all around the world, doctors suggested a way to cut the body mass through surgery. And the success rate is quite high since its introduction. This weight loss surgery is for people who are the adult, have failed the diet and exercise plan for weight loss and have BMI equal of above 40. After all these conditions are met you can go for the surgery spending your $12,000 to $26,000 money.

This method is really expensive and carries a lot of side effects irrespective of the wide range of the benefits it offers. This surgery can use three methods to treat your stomach to cover less area of your body. Doctors either tie your stomach with a ring dividing it into the large and small portion that helps the stomach to cover less area and accept fewer bites. Or doctors use a tube that excretes food before many of the calories are absorbed in the stomach. Another way is to actually remove the upper 2/3 of your stomach giving it a shape of the tube that carries the capacity of 100ml only and connect it to the small intestine directly. All of these methods have shown success without any doubt but the disasters they bring are also unavoidable.

What harms Bariatric Surgery can cause?

This weight loss surgery brings a lot of complications such as erosion, infection, slippage, tube rupture etc. The tube or ring can be damaged and can cause severe problems inside the stomach. The oesophagus can expand due to abnormal eating. There can be bleeding, internal hernia, stenosis, fistulas and what not. You can experience severe vitamin, protein and nutrient deficiency.

There are certain medications that are usually offered to lose weight which rarely works and if they do, they take ages to show the results that worth your money.

What is the best way to avoid surgery?

Surgery is an option when you’re left with nothing to try naturally to lose weight. Whether it is a diet plan, physical exercise, herbal ways or any other organic thing. And surgery is suggested in really intense and serious situations when patients can control their obesity and above all their sugar level making their lives worse with a huge bunch of weight to carry and a lot of sugar to handle in the body. But before you really fell into this situation, you need to take precautionary measures now. No matter at what part of your age or life you are. Save yourself now with natural ways. Contact your doctor and get strict to your diet, do daily exercise, take light medicines and try to control your weight and sugar level before it shoots and throw you into the path of surgery which is full of so many mishaps.

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