Herbs that Can Help You Shed Pounds Naturally and Without Any Harm

3 out of 4 people prefer natural weight loss plan than the medicine or other supplements recommendations. And after the increased prevalence of obesity, as 25% of women and 20% of men in the US are obese, the battle of weight loss has got worse and people are heading for all the possible solutions to the problem. But despite all the availabilities of these weight losing products, natural remedies haven’t lost their charm. Nature have surrounded us in all possible ways and we are consuming a lot of things that are helping us to get fit and live a healthy life with reduced weight but only if we pay attention. One of such natural things that help us lose weight without being much noticed is herbs and spices that we usually use for the cuisine perfection.

Herbs are backed by enormous research worldwide for their weight loss effects and attracting a huge population back to the ancient herbal weight losing formulas. Avera Institute for Human Genetics has put forward a detailed research to support the herbal weight losing plans. Recently, the researchers at South Dakota revealed in their Phytomedicine published work that herbs are harm free sources to lose weight and help you get fit effectively and safely.

We have piled up some effective herbs that can help you lose weight naturally and without any harm. You can use them or might have already been using in your kitchen to gain the maximum results for your quest of how to lose weight.


This special herb found in the barks of barberry, goldenseal and some other plants is well known for its weight losing effects. It reduces the insulin level and helps you control the fatty acid production and fat accumulation. Due to its control over certain hormones, it keeps you way from diabetes, heart problems and other major issues of the liver. It is a fact that there is no shortcut to the weight loss but a sprinkle of this amazing herb coupled with the aerobic training and healthy diet can help you achieve a better body with reduced body weight. It doesn’t hold any magic but its potential and natural elements can healthily affect your weight losing plan.


This amazing herby spice is all set to amaze the world with its grand wonders done with little quantity. Generally, from overall health specifically to weight loss cinnamon has mind-blowing benefits. It helps you curb your fats accumulation, controls your insulin and cholesterol level and offers you enough nutrition with healthy food to feel full for longer. It crispy taste allows you to sprinkle its powder over your pasta, oatmeal, cottage cheese or anything that you’re just off to eat. This herb is best to make your tea more functional and to boost your metabolism. You can combine the heavenly taste to the green tea and watch your fats breathing out in a matter of hours.


This herb is easily available and you can twist it for your spice benefits and for the hygiene related benefits at any time of the day. The best thing that even the small portion of ginger does to you is to balance your cardiovascular problems. It helps your heart to stay calm and normal, lowers its LDL cholesterol level, keeps it oxygenated and saves you from high blood pressure issues. Thermogenic wonders of ginger are already famous among all the nutritionists for their fats burning effects that in turn offer you the huge bunch of energy that you can utilize in your daily activities.


Kelp is a herb which can help you lose weight but a bit indirectly. The main quality of kelp is the large proportion of iodine that it contains and if the iodine is deficient in your body that can lead you to hypothyroidism that makes you gain a lot of weight. So a little quantity of kelp in your diet can keep your iodine level under control and can help you lose weight with better health.

Green Coffee Bean

Yeah, that’s a herb and nobody is ignorant of its marvellous weight losing effects. But you might think that caffeine is not healthy but I’ll ask you to forget caffeine for a while as you use it as per your choice. Green coffee bean has another amazing natural factor known as chlorogenic acid which aids the fats absorption and assists the weight loss. Even the research has backed the idea that green coffee bean helps remarkable weight loss as their study showed that the participants lost 17 pounds in the time span of 12 weeks. That’s amazing!



It is an exclusive African herb that is well-known for its blood sugar level balancing effects. It is not a new discovery; it has been the part of the old ayurvedic medicines for years because it hinders the sugar cravings and helps you eat less which happens to be hard for many people struggling to lose weight naturally.


It is an ancient Chinese herb that was used as a potential ingredient of stamina and strength increasing medicines. They also used it domestically for overall health being but later on, scientific research proved that this herb is not only beneficial for increasing your energy level and muscular strength but also help you lose weight and control your diabetes. Adaptogen is an important element of ginseng that can help you deal with your stress no matter if it is physical or emotional. You can take ginseng in both liquid and dried form to boost your metabolism up and to lose weight. Usually, the root part of ginseng is used but its plant is also effective in the health benefits. You can use this herb solely by boiling it into the water for an hour and then by adding cinnamon and honey to make it tasty as it tastes a bit bitter.

These are the herbs that can help you to follow how to lose weight and you can easily find them in your kitchen but if not, your nearby market will not dump you.

Eat well! Live well!

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