Easy Ways to Lose Water Weight without any Harm to Your Health

Waking up in the morning and cursing yourself for not trying to lose those belly and thigh fat is not going to change anything until you work for it. The weight you hate might not be gained only by the calorie intake. Sometimes, water retention is proved one of the main causes of your bulky body. But the good thing about water weight is that it can be lost easily and quickly. If you’re looking for easy ways to lose water weight, exercise is something you must go for first.

Regular Exercise

The logic behind opting exercise for losing water weight is simple: you perspire. Usually, when people tend to lose quick weight, they lose water weight. So it can help you with your sudden plans and short-term weight loss goals.

According to a research, if you exercise for half an hour, you lose up to 2 litres of fluid. But it varies from situation to situation depending upon how much heat your body generates and upon the type of clothes you wear.

More of, another research states that exercise doesn’t work only to burn the water in your body, water weight you can say, but it can also work for a shift that brings the water to your muscles and diminishes the soft look you get with water weight gain.

Balance Your Electrolyte Intake

Scientifically, minerals that carry an electric charge are known as electrolytes such as potassium or magnesium. These minerals basically play a significant role in maintaining the water balance in your body along with many other entities such as hormones. Therefore, increase or decrease intake of these electrolytes can make you gain weight. So, you should manage your electrolyte intake according to the environment you live in. If it’s humid and you sip water every now and then, you should consider the changes in your electrolyte intake.

Reduce Your Stress Level

Water weight in your body and stress work alongside. Under stress, your hormonal system produces the stress hormone called cortisol that increases the fluid retention in your body that in turn leads you towards water weight gain. This happens because the stress hormone cortisol directly influences the functioning of another hormone Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH), which is mainly responsible for maintaining the water balance in your body. To save your body from all this trouble, you need to control and calm down your nerves.

Drink More Water

This tip might sound weird under the title of “Lose water weight” but it is important. The theory is simple to comprehend: your body strives to maintain the right water balance in your body if you don’t drink enough water your body retains what it has that leads directly to water retention. To avoid this confusion, you need to drink the right amount of water. Not much or less than the required quantity!

Just keep yourself hydrated and let the exercise do the rest.

Maintain the Salt Balance as Well

It is under the universal knowledge that water and salt are related, eh? Specifically, the sodium contained in the salt is one of the major things that directly affect the fluid balance in the human body and influences the water retention. Increased intake of sodium through any mean (specifically through processed foods) increases the fluid retention. Worst are the cases if you don’t keep yourself hydrated and don’t bother to move a muscle. Therefore, maintaining a healthy balance in salt intake might help you lose water weight quickly and easily.


Cutting down refined carbohydrates from your grocery list and adding up some whole protein food might also help.

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