Weight Management: How it Can be Stopped from Re-Gain?

Weight losing and weight gaining is the mutual phenomenon that works in inverse proportional. Losing weight is not always been a linear process nor a permanent one but yes, it demands consistency. As far as burning fats is concerned, it is different from losing weight. As it does not mean if you are not losing weight, your fats are not burning and even vice versa. Getting me?

An example can be quoted for how to lose weight that if you estimate of losing 10 pounds a week-but you cannot do that-and suddenly in next week, you lose 13 or 14 pounds implies improper influx in management even with the same steps taken. So weight management is a science and it should be understood scientifically. Apparently, in a most simple manner, there are the same ways of maintaining weight loss as you follow for losing it and nothing more.

The most common recommendations are to take low calories, eat less fat, reduce eating intervals as you are not going to eat your love through out of your life? This is not justice to your body. You may take whatever you want but balance it through the workout and anti-curbing elements. There is no method that can guarantee you of your static weight. It can even change within hours.

What Should You Do then?

There are a lot of people who intend to lose weight but do they have the same goal? Apparently, all want to lose weight but why? We can never get a universal answer. Someone may want to lose weight for a function or party or may be for shooting a movie but what’s next? Again hit the mark. Someone may want to look pretty, thus he or she has to maintain it for long. It implies that losing weight may be desired by everyone but maintaining it is not a business of all. For this purpose, you have to stick to your routine and diet whatever you are taking currently or took for losing it in the past. But always remember that you too cannot get your weight static if you stop struggling. There are billions of biological functions take place in the body that affects it in a certain way.

If you want to fix your weight around 90 pounds, you must learn to compromise up to 3 pounds positive and negative. If it happens, you have achieved victory at your end.

If you have lost your weight and do not want to gain it back, it is sure that you have spent hours in the gym and park. Once you lose weight, your body gets rid of fats so you immediately have to reduce weekly hours in the gym or on track. If you take extra calories for satisfying your taste, you can manage it in the gym but what I’m trying to say is just keep balance in diet and exercise hours for the whole of your life. This balance will be a guarantee for your weight management. Try to reduce the hours but don’t skip struggling because that will hit you hard at the back.

By keeping above mentioned recommendations, you can keep your weight well managed.

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