30 Days Hourglass Figure Workout

Trimming your body mass is not easy but at the same time, it is not impossible. However, if you’re abnormally obese, quality weight loss might take time. There are certain steps you will need to follow in order to gain a proper body. You will have to trim down your workout plan for different body parts such as abs, thighs, arms, calves, belly etc. and the journey of pursuing how to lose weight will demand your persistence and dedication. Along with this exercise, you will have to bid farewell to fatty restaurant cuisines and you will have to regulate your diet plan while trimming down the heavy food items from your food journal.

That’s a fair talk and that’s what people tell you when you ask “how to lose weight?”

But what if I tell you a workout cheat that doesn’t ask you to divide your workout plans for different body parts and to invest 100% time at one part at one moment? Yes, there is a workout plan that if you follow for at least a month can help you gain a perfect hourglass figure. That’s what all ladies out there want, eh?

How to Do it?

This 30 days hourglass figure workout plan doesn’t need things that you might have to invest on. You can perform all the tasks at home using simple weights (if you have dumbbells, it’s super) and a wall. Everybody does have walls in their homes and weight too. Any other thing you need is dedication, motivation and persistence. If you have this, you’re in.

Let’s get started.

Shoulder Raise Wall Sits

Its name is giving a clear idea what this workout is all about. This hourglass figure workout targets your whole body muscles such as arms, shoulders, thighs, glutes and oblique leaving nothing behind. It will not only help you stretch your overall muscles but also rescues you from the effort of spending hours on differently focused exercises. This is a great idea (which also works) to burn your fats without investing over the gym.

What to Do?

Follow the steps and repeat at least for 10 times.

The steps are:

  • Stand straight against the wall and slowly press your back against the wall with your knees bent at the 90 degrees.
  • Bring your dumbbells and hold both of them in front of your pelvic area.
  • Hold your dumbbells tightly and lift both of them above your head
  • Pause for a while
  • Lower your dumbbells slowly back to the ground position and repeat the process.

Wall Sit Twists

The second hourglass figure works out is titled as Wall Sit Twists. This exercise casts the same effects to your body as the first one but only if you remember to stretch your abs in the right way during the process. In this workout, you need the same wall and same dumbbells and a little motivation. Let’s do it now.

What to Do?

  • Stand straight against the wall facing in the opposite direction.
  • Press your shoulders against the wall but bend your knees slightly not at the 90 degrees as in the first workout position.
  • Hold your dumbbells in both hands and get ready to swing them around
  • Now, keep your knees there and start swinging from left to right and from right to left repeatedly.
  • Try to keep in mind that you are not supposed to swing your whole torso or whole body. Swing only arms with your core muscles tight, upright and steady.

Wall Lean Side Crunch

Hitting your thighs, oblique and upper body this exercise is another great source of getting the hourglass figure. It helps you burn fats and get a fine figure.

What to Do?

  • Stand by the side of the wall and hold the dumbbell in your right hand and meanwhile lean sideways to the wall with your opposite hand for the support. Now push your right hand with dumbbell over your head.
  • Take your right leg off the ground and you should pull your leg as if you try to attach your knee to your right elbow
  • Stay there for a while
  • Come back to the normal position and repeat

Cardio to Enhance the Effect of Workout

Your goal is to burn as many calories as you can in this one month to gain the hourglass figure and we are here to help you. If you consider it an honest guide, bear in mind that doing cardio between these above mentioned three moves is a great deal. Don’t bury yourself with tiredness. Stop for 5 minutes between each move and do some cardio for 10 minutes before switching back to your next move.

Perform these moves 5 days a week with alternative days off every week. Don’t stuff yourself with fats. You can give them a simple rest for some time because if a foodie person like me can do it, you can do it as well.

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