How to Trick Your Brain into Eating Less, According to an Expert in ‘Gastrophysics’

Your food has to do a lot with your mind and brain functioning you can say. There is a general question that how much satisfied do you feel with your breakfast and snacks you take in evening with tea? Have you ever given it a thought? Or you just keep on eating or just keep skipping meals?

It is said that eating and drinking is influenced by most of the factors ranging from the weight of your fork to the music in your playlist and shape and size of your plate. (WHOA)

Charles Spence, Oxford Psychology Professor, calls gastrophysics has to do a lot what you eat and how much you eat.

Spence’s latest book Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating is filled with surprising facts that how our surrounding behaviour drive our eating attitude and habits. He added a lot of tips after extensive research that can change eating taste and habit following them, you might take healthy choices and ultimately eat less.

Use less sugar

Before suggesting anything about ingredients of dessert we make at home, he suggests considering your plate colours quite carefully because it can incline anyone towards unhealthy food behaviours. He tells about white colour as it magnifies sweetness of the food we eat and makes it taste better. Another study concludes some strawberry flavour dessert was rated 10% more sweat when it served on white plates than when served in other coloured plates. So dramatically, he recommends using white plates for eating desserts and adding less sugar when you prepare it.

About that snack, you’re addicted to

If you want to reduce addicted snacks you daily eat, do try red plates, a colour of warning and danger! Your mind will eventually signal your brain to motivate you to stop eating and thus you eat less in the end. He reveals that people eat 50% less when they interact with red plates. (Red plates look good, anyway!)

Hold your bowl in your hands

When you intend to lose weight, you ultimately try to eat less. It is suggested to take your eating bowl with both hands that make you feel busy. In this way, senses would communicate with mind signalling that you have taken enough food. He says when you take a plate of the bowl from the table for eating, the very moment senses signal how much you are likely to eat. The weight of plate or bowl in your hand signals to brain you have eaten enough. (That’s interesting)

Focus and visualize food

The more you think of food, the more you become happy and you eat less. He suggests leaving all the attractions when you eat and focus on what you are eating. If you have much food before you and cannot eat much, visualize that you have taken a bulk and eat, your mind will satisfy with your visualization rather than how much you eat.

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