Can CLA Help You Lose Weight?

CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid.  There is a general perception rather than a specific recommendation to move more and eat less if you really want to lose your weight but in some cases, it proves a myth. Because of which many people start using supplements to fulfil their diet. An acid named Conjugated Linoleic is a stimulator towards losing weight and interestingly it is found in meat and dairy products that are perceived fat prone. Its role in animals is admirable but in humans, it’s not that promising.

Naturally, it is produced by omnivores who graze and eat grass like goat, cow or deer. These pastured ruminants have a special enzyme that converts Omega 6 fatty acids in green to CLA. By nature, it is found in their digestive system and stored in muscle tissues and milk. The major forms of CLA are C9, t 11 and t10, c12 though there are some other forms of CLA exist.  t10, c12 is the unique element that leads to weight loss eventually it contained diet is followed up but it is not abundant in food while C9 and t11 are found in abundance.

Technically, it is considered trans-fat but its behavior is very different than artificially produced trans-fats usually found in the market. it is to be noted that artificial trans fats are mostly found in backed items and fast food and eventually leads to heart disease. For optimal health, there is no need to obtain it from the daily diet as it is not an essential fatty acid.

Not very Effective in Weight Loss

Medically, it is admitted that this is not very effective but still its fat burning potential cannot be undermined especially in animals. By increasing the special type of enzyme in the digestive system, it burns body fats. The experiments on mice suggest that they burned 70% of their body fat than placebos. It not only burns body fats but also prevents their production in the body. Human experiments suggest positive results of using CLA in your diet as they are found to show 20% positive effects. The healthy people who supplemented 3.2 grams per day lost 0.05 kg of weight which means regular in taking can produce significant results.  Some studies had tried to find long-term benefits to deal with obesity and presence of extra fat in the body. This study suggests the regular and punctual use of CLA enhances the effectiveness of the system to burn fats.

There is nothing much to be worried about CLA but medics have some reservations regarding its use. Some of the studies found an increase in the level of C- Reactive protein that causes inflammation in the body. Though inflammation is good to deal with an injury or against any harm to body chronic inflammation can cause cancer and heart disease. Other meta analysts say that it can cause damage to the liver as well. Though they deliberately highlighted the risks involved in it all of them are based on assumptions hence not scientifically proved. Here are some products from which you may take sufficient amount of CLA.

  •    Butter: 6.0 mg/g fat
  •    Lamb: 5.6 mg/g fat
  •    Mozzarella Cheese: 4.9 mg/g fat
  •    Plain Yoghurt: 4.8 mg/g fat
  •    Sour Cream: 4.6 mg/g fat
  •   Cottage Cheese: 4.5 mg/g fat
  •   Fresh Ground Beef: 4.3 mg/g fat
  •  Cheddar Cheese: 3.6 mg/g fat
  •  Beef Round: 2.9 mg/g fat

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