How to Reduce Your Calf Muscles Without Surgery

Slimness is not always the sign of beauty but the toned body is where legs as one of the most apparent part matter a lot. Both men and women desire to have relatively thin and toned legs with better calves and strong thighs. In this anorexically crazy world, people are not even avoiding surgery to show their legs in the better way. Ladies who are bound to wear heels at offices never like thick legs and same is with men. But still, there are some safe and natural ways to follow how to lose weight and they can help you reduce your calf muscles.

What you can avoid and Adapt to Reduce Calf Muscles



Running is one of the easiest ways to slim your calves. The start is now but bears in mind that you are going to run slower but for long distance, unlike the sprinters. You can clearly discriminate the calf muscles of long-distance runners and short distance runners. As endurance runners carry relatively thin and toned calves as compared to the fast runners who carry finely grown calf muscles. Therefore, focus on reducing the resistance and running slowly to reduce your calf muscles and thighs without surgery. Prefer endurance cardio with minimum resistance such as keeping the resistance low in the gym while using cardio machines and to run on the flat surface outdoor. Slow running with more endurance and low resistance help you drop the calf muscles, thigh muscles and a lot of fats in the body and makes your legs look toned and nice.


Jump but avoid the high impact jumping that grows your calf muscles. To reduce the calf muscles without surgery don’t jump rope and don’t do cross-training. Follow elliptical training for low cardio and relatively low resistance. Experts forces low resistance so much to reduce the calve muscles because they think exercise for the longer time give long lasting effects and lengthen the muscles of the ankle and back of the knee, in turn, giving you finely tuned calves.


Avoid walking or jumping over the balls of your feet and keep your heels down as it boosts the growth of your leg muscles. To get this thing done, you will have to avoid all jumping exercises and jumping machines to avoid the growth targeting the calf muscles.


To lengthen the calf muscles, stretching helps like a miracle. You can do it with yoga, Pilate or any other kind of technique. But the best and widely used one is the wall push-up. There is no extensive detail and energy requirement for wall push-ups. Just stand by the side of the wall facing it and do your legs apart. Keep the front one at 1 feet distance from the wall and the other one at the 3 feet distance from the wall. Place your hands on the wall and stretch so that your muscles actually feel those to hell (don’t hurt yourself of course). Now, hold it for 15-30 seconds and switch the legs to repeat the process. This technique is considered the most working one to lengthen and to reduce the calf muscles.

Ankle Circle Move and Pilate Can Also Help

As a kind of stretching, Pilates can help you aggressively and finally to elongate and to reduce your calf muscles without surgery. Similarly, the ankle circle moves help you. All you need to do is to bring a chair, sit straight with your back firm and legs in a toned straight position. Now rotate your left foot clockwise and repeat it at least for 6-10 times. Switch the foot and repeat and you are midway your journey if you are going to keep the pace for at least 3-4 weeks. Happy nice legs!

Causes of Bulky Calves

Bulky calves can have multiple reasons such as genetics that just make you look chubby no matter what you do about it. Secondly, some people usually have troubled areas that get chubby even when they are generally slim. They can work out and control it but it really takes time. Still, there is nothing impossible.

More of, when we try to lose overall body weight, sometimes they are the calves which are targeted by the mass and it gets stored over there. This case is not a major issue but it requires just patience. If you keep your exercise and workout within the routine, losing calves muscles in not a big issue.

At the end, stretching your legs daily, running slowly for longer distance, keeping your heels, Pilates and low resistance cardio for a major time span can help you reduce calf muscles and to get nice legs. You can wear narrows and you can rock the HEELS at an office.

Happy Good Candid Pictures! Pose Good!

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